“Meghan can do no wrong” – Royal Commentator Reveals How Prince Harry Hero-Worships Meghan Markle

“Meghan can do no wrong” – Royal Commentator Reveals How Prince Harry Hero-Worships Meghan Markle

With the help of his memoir Spare, Prince Harry made it clear how senior members, including Prince William, Kate Middleton, and King Charles plotted against Meghan Markle. The Duke gave out the idea that the senior members were jealous of the former actress’ growing popularity in the United Kingdom and felt threatened by it. He also detailed various incidents involving Markle’s tiffs with the Prince and Princess of Wales that showed the former in a positive light.

The constant praise of Meghan Markle has not gone well with the royal commentator Rachel Bowie. She did not seem much impressed with Prince Harry for not highlighting Markle’s flaws that contributed to her strained relationship with the royals. Bowie also slammed the royal for narrating petty issues involving Kate Middleton and Markle.

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Prince Harry treats Meghan Markle like a demigod

Speaking about Spare in the latest episode of Podcast Royal, Royal commentator Rachel Bowie called out Prince Harry for having a weird admiration and fascination towards his wife. The crown supporter believes that the Duke thinks extremely highly of his wife and turns a blind eye to her mistakes

“The way that Harry hero-worships Meghan is weird to me, to be quite frank with you. It’s like Meghan is a demigod to him and Meghan can do no wrong,” Bowie mentioned in the podcast. 

Rachel Bowie believes that Prince Harry could have avoided giving unnecessary details about the fights between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. The Duke was once extremely close to the Princess of Wales and labeled her as the sister he never had. However, the cute bond turned upside down following his marriage to Markle.

Meanwhile, the Sussex royal drew extreme criticism for narrating the lip gloss incident. Prince Harry mentioned in his book how Middleton was taken aback when Markle requested her to share the lip gloss. Speaking about the incident, Bowie said the Duke might not have witnessed the interaction himself and gotten the details from his wife

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3 thoughts on ““Meghan can do no wrong” – Royal Commentator Reveals How Prince Harry Hero-Worships Meghan Markle

  1. Reply
    January 20, 2023 at 6:28 am

    Sounds like the writer is envious of their relationship. All of this may not have hit the fan, if the royal didn’t what they do best behind closed doors and keep mum about and brw yes the residual from the book sale is a plus 2.

  2. Reply
    Ruth Oppermann
    January 22, 2023 at 9:39 pm

    Harry is acting like a spoiled brat and is not being loyal to those people he has known all his life.
    Meghan in no way resembles Princess Diana and Harry is blinded by love if he thinks this!

    Too bad the UK cannot banish him from being a prince. Meghan should NOT be considered to be a Duchess… she’s a social climber.

  3. Reply
    Patricia Lambert
    January 25, 2023 at 7:40 am

    I,too, do not recognize who this man is, who calls himself ‘Harry’.. He is not a spoiled brat. He is brainwashed. I remember his remarks about what Megan wants, Megan gets. He is not right. His comments, his words, his actions all stem from ,not a man, but a little boy has finally found a replacement for a mother he lost so tragically. He is so completely dependent on this woman, both mentally and physically, a break from her would cause his total break with reality. Megan has shut everyone out, her family AND his, so she alone controls the narrative. He proclaims his love for his now departed grandma, but his unempathetic wife, ruled over anything called ‘Harry’.. Acting was her job, and still is. Fake tears turn on when it behoves her. Harry was so weak that he could not find any strength to make decisions for himself. Too bad no one is able to convince him that Megan is destroying him.

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