Meet Bernard, One of the Many Reasons Millie Bobby Brown Had a Fantastic 2022

Meet Bernard, One of the Many Reasons Millie Bobby Brown Had a Fantastic 2022

Millie Bobby Brown had quite a remarkable year this time. The actress celebrated her eighteenth birthday, completed a successful year of dating with Jake Bongiovi, and gave the world two cinematic pieces to binge. Not only that, but her brand Florence by Mills also took a huge ride in terms of numbers.


And now that the year 2022 has passed, Brown has posted a photo dump of the year 2022, which includes all the things that she has been thankful for. But did you know there is someone special named Bernard who has made it to the list?

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Millie Bobby Brown showcases her 2022 with a series of pictures

With Stranger Things season 4 smashing global records for viewership and fans going gaga over her sequel to Enola Holmes, Brown was the talk of the year in 2022. The soon-to-be 19-year-old actress is quite active on Instagram. Apart from posting about her projects and brands, she also shares the highlights of her personal life and gives her fans a glimpse of her beautiful adventures.

Just like a normal person, Brown was thankful for her friends, family, and love, but the most peculiar thing she thanked for in 2022 was Bernard The Donkey. Apparently, our favorite Eleven is quite an animal lover, and apart from thanking Bernard, she also was grateful to have her dogs.

Overall you can say that Bernard is one of the many “Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown is thankful for in the year 2022. But the list of peculiar things Millie Bobby Brown was grateful for does not end here. She was also thankful for her puppy teeth, which she also shared a cute picture of.

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As usual, Millie also shared her pictures with her handsome boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. Mille referred to him as her “partner for life” in the caption of her post. Not just that, she also shared 3 extremely lovely pictures with him that display the love they have for each other.

The caption of her post also said, “here’s to another year with you and the wonderful people and animals around us 🤍 let’s do it again but better!” Let’s hope Millie Bobby Brown gives us many more wonderful surprises in 2023.

What were the things you were grateful for in 2022?


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