“Maybe women should take over all…” – Blake Lively Has a Weird Encounter With Virtual Assistant and It’s Scary and Funny at the Same Time

“Maybe women should take over all…” – Blake Lively Has a Weird Encounter With Virtual Assistant and It’s Scary and Funny at the Same Time

Blake Lively is a woman of many credits. She is a director, a producer, an actress and also a successful entrepreneur. In addition to an incredibly successful career in acting, A Simple Favor actress also has the same business acumen and sense as her super successful husband Ryan Reynolds, a multi industry tycoon who also owns a number of profitable business such as Mint Mobiles and Aviation Gin.

In Hollywood, we have seen various successful couples over the years. And among such successful couples is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. As we all know, the Deadpool actor is a very successful businessman and so is his wife Blake. The actress is the founder of a Betty Buzz, a line of non-alcoholic beverages. And recently, the actress used her creativity in an Instagram post to advertise her product where she had a peculiar conversation with Alexa.

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Blake Lively enjoys a conversation with Alexa to make a major announcement of Betty Buzz

Recently, Blake Lively made a major announcement for her non-alcoholic beverage lineup Betty Buzz. The Age Of Adaline actress revealed that her products will now be available in all the Whole Foods store. On her latest Instagram post, Lively is seen having a conversation with Alexa where she asks the virtual assistant to add Betty Buzz to her Whole Foods shopping cart. Alexa quickly responds, “Okay. Adding Betty Buzz to your Whole Foods cart.” 

However, soon after things take a turn as Alexa goes on to praise Lively. The voice assistant speaks in her robotic voice, “I’m such a huge fan of your work as an actor, a director, a business owner.” Alexa adds how there should be more women-run businesses.

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And then goes on to say, “Maybe women should take over all of the businesses. Maybe women should take over everything.” On the other, Lively seems shocked as she puts down her book and turns around to take a look at Alexa before giving a concerned look. However, the creativity behind the announcement surely deserves an applause.

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