Maya Hawke Unveils Her Second Album Moss’ Vinyl Especially Made for Jimmy Fallon, Vecna Is Not Ready for This

Maya Hawke Unveils Her Second Album Moss’ Vinyl Especially Made for Jimmy Fallon, Vecna Is Not Ready for This

Maya Hawke plays the adorably dorky Robin in Stranger Things. When the Duffer brothers introduced her in season 3, fans immediately took to her because of her dynamic with Steve Harrington. What’s not known is that Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter is also a singer. She inherited talent and good looks from her popular parents. In her latest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actress unveiled a newly pressed vinyl of her album, Moss. It looks like it isn’t Beyonce that’s coming after Vecna, but Maya is ready to weaponize her music too!

Maya Hawke gifted Fallon a special Vinyl edition of Moss 

The actress unveiled a transparent Vinyl cover of her studio album Moss on the show. So far she has only dropped the single, Therese from the album. The actress revealed that it’s based on a painting at MET called Therese Dreaming. The 23-year-old sees herself as the girl dreaming in the painting. The song has a hypnotizing element to it but sounds more modern tonally than her previous releases.  Unbeknownst to many, Maya Hawke had released her first album Blush in 2020 and her second album Moss is set to arrive in September. The album will have 13 tracks in total. 

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The actress can’t remember the exact details for Volume 2

When Fallon pressed her for some spoilers for Stranger Things Volume 2, the young actress confessed that she doesn’t remember anything exactly. Due to the pandemic, the show had taken a long hiatus before resuming filming. And now it’s just too blurry for Maya to recall anything from the set. But she confessed that she’s excited to see how the entire narrative wraps up. 

Maya continued her cool weird act in Volume 1. Her friendship with Steve is endearing as the trusts him enough to tell him his secret, while he advises her on girls and dating. But apart from Steve, in the last few episodes of Volume 1 Robin had also struck a friendship with Nancy. 

The Duffer brothers’ show returns on July 1. 

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