Marvel and DC Fans Unite for Henry Cavill and Andrew Garfield

Marvel and DC Fans Unite for Henry Cavill and Andrew Garfield

Henry Cavill is truly the man of the hour. And has been for a while now. However, this popularity comes after years of being underrated. Back in 2013 when the actor was first seen sporting his red cape above the Metropolis city, critics had a lot to say. Cavill gave life to both the hero that was Superman and the mortal Kent Clark. There is a reason, apart from his packed schedule, why we don’t see Henry Cavill in DC often.

Knowing that we will see him as Superman again in Black Adams made many of us emotional. And it also reminded fans of a fellow Marvel actor whose version of Spiderman was once looked down upon. Yes, we are talking about Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. Fans cannot help but compare Henry Cavill’s cameo in Black Adams to Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman.

The sad case of Henry Cavill and Andrew Garfield

With a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award chilling in his closet, Andrew Garfield does not have a lot to worry about right now. Through his brilliant performances in The Social Network and Tick, Tick…Boom!, Andrew has become one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.

In 2012, just one year before we saw Henry Cavill as Superman in the DC Universe, Garfield shot his first spider web in Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield’s version of Spider-Man was more human and Peter Parker-ish, if we may say. He brought personality to the spider-shooting superhero.

And while Tom Holland’s and Tobey Macguire’s Spiderman were worshipped, Andrew was pushed off to the side. It wasn’t until his cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home that fans were reminded of how brilliantly he played Spiderman.

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If Henry Cavill and Andrew Garfield’s journey in the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe, respectively, were to undergo a plagiarism check, the score would be above 80% for sure.

Andrew received criticism for how he played a dorky Spiderman. Similarly, Cavill was disapproved for not opting a traditional approach for Superman. Fast forward to now, DC Universe fans were ready to open fire for a Henry Cavill comeback. In a few days, the black Adam will be in theaters, with The Witcher actor featuring in it.

MCU and DCEU fans also seem to agree with it.

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