Mark Wahlberg Revelas How Kevin Hart Pushed Him Into a Nude Scene for an Entire Day: “The whole day lasted 12 hours”

Mark Wahlberg Revelas How Kevin Hart Pushed Him Into a Nude Scene for an Entire Day: “The whole day lasted 12 hours”

A new addition has been added to Netflix’s list of comedy genres. The movie Me Time was released on the streaming platform on the 26th of August. The movie brings a dual style of humor with two super entertaining actors in the lead. John Hamburg directed and co-produced this movie along with Kevin Hart and Bryan Smiley, with Hart, from Jumanji-Welcome to the Jungle, Unchartered actor Mark Wahlberg as the main characters along with Regina Hall and Tahj Mowry as supporting characters.

But what makes this film interesting is not the cast, but Mark’s nude scene in the movie. The scene involved Mark having to do a nude scene. And apparently, Kevin Hart had a hand in making his co-star getting nude for the movie.

Mark Wahlberg on his experience shooting ‘the scene’

The movie revolves around Sonny and Huck, coming together after life has sent them on different paths. While Sonny lives as a committed stay-at-home dad, his wife Maya asks him to go on a break. And this is where he meets his old friend Huck. The latter is a wild party animal that gets Sonny in trouble. From there on, Huck takes Sonny on a crazy but hilarious rollercoaster of an adventure throughout the movie. The scene is dicussion is where the two buds first reunite. It takes place when Sonny meets Huck, and Huck is wearing nothing but slippers.

Mark revealed that Hart approached him with Hamburg for the movie. The actor agreed to do the movie, but then Kevin “did him dirty” by tweaking his character’s introduction scene and dressing him up only in Travis Scott Jordans. In a recent interview with E!, the 51-year-old actor said, “Unfortunately for me, the whole day lasted 12 hours in Long Beach on the pier“.

Wahlberg had to shoot the whole day with his “behind” out. And twelve-straight hours is how much it took for them to complete shooting the scene. He was uncomfortable doing a nude shoot, especially in front of the whole crew. However, the scene was shot on Long Island, hopefully making it a bit more comfortable.

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In the trailer, one can make out that the movie has a theme similar to The Hangover. And considering how crazy these movies get, Mark Wahlberg’s scene doesn’t sound too out of the movie’s theme. What do you think about the nude scene?

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