Marilyn Monroe’s Biopic ‘Blonde’ on Netflix: Latest Updates and the Controversy

Marilyn Monroe’s Biopic ‘Blonde’ on Netflix: Latest Updates and the Controversy

The world has just not waited enough to see the Marilyn Monroe biopic yet; as Netflix had decided to move the release date for the project to 2022. The movie is now set to release with an NC-17 cut. Blonde – Netflix was considered to be the company’s entry to the Oscars, but just like the actress that the movie is based on; Blonde found itself surrounded by: Well, a bit too much.

Inspired by the 2000 bestselling novel of the same name written by Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde stars the very beautiful Cuban actress Ana de Armas and tells a fictionalized story of Marilyn Monroe’s life. The actress is remembered for her portrayal of “blonde bombshell” characters and is a revered sex symbol globally.

Blonde Netflix: A masterpiece in making

The movie itself has been in development since 2010. With world-famous director Andrew Dominik working on the project, this looks like a treat to watch. While actresses including Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts were once considered to play the lead, the role eventually went to the Cuban.

The stars in this film are just way too many to list out. Some of them include Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, Emmy nominee Julianne Nicholson, and Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale.

The controversy around the movie being too graphic

In August 2020, rumors emerged that Netflix asked for a change in the final cut of the movie; Reportedly, the movie was a bit too graphic and included scenes that were absolutely not necessary; including a rape scene and also a “bloody menstrual cunnilingus”.

While the rumors came to the surface, the writer of Blonde, the 2000 novel, came out saying, “(just a parenthetical aside–I have seen the rough cut of Andrew Dominick’s adaptation & it is startling, brilliant, very disturbing & [perhaps most surprisingly] an utterly “feminist” interpretation… not sure that any male director has ever achieved anything this.)”

Blonde Netflix – as things stand

The most recent rumors suggest that Netflix has finally gone ahead with the director’s final cut of the movie; and will release it with an NC-17 cut. It is also believed that Netflix will be sending this movie to the Berlin Internation Film Festival set in February 2022.

As nothing has been confirmed about the movie, we are doing nothing but speculating. But this movie is sure something that we need to watch out for, as this is bound to be a big hit. We will surely update you as soon as we have more news about Blonde Netflix.

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