‘Manifest’ Season 4 Teaser Trailer Breakdown Layer by Layer to Deep Dive Into the Unfolding Mystery

‘Manifest’ Season 4 Teaser Trailer Breakdown Layer by Layer to Deep Dive Into the Unfolding Mystery

After three wild seasons, Manifest is confirmed to return with Season 4. The final season of this supernatural drama will be in Game of Thrones-style installations, having two parts. Netflix just served the fans with a hot plate of its teaser. Eager fans wasted no time and are reading into every second and glimpse of this sneak peek in an attempt to predict the upcoming season.


The show’s original network NBC aired it first in 2018 and decided to cancel it after three seasons. Before cancellations, it was picked by Netflix for streaming. The series’ viewership gained momentum and was favored by a large audience. Despite the mixed critical reviews, the show became a hit, announcing a final season. So, what doesn’t the newly-released teaser from Netflix reveal about the upcoming season? Let’s find out.

Recap of the supernatural drama so far

The series begins when 191 passengers and crew fly from Jamaica. The turbulent flight Montego Air Flight 828 eventually landed in New York safely. But the world they knew doesn’t exist anymore; it has aged five and half years which changed their life upside down. The series progresses with more explanations, connections, and the concept of divine consciousness.

Now that the series has reached its final season, it will be a continuation of season 3. The previous season had so much going on. Cal’s burn in the Eureka, Michaela’s vision, and Ben’s plan to destroy the tailfin but the ultimate scene was a tearjerker. Yes, the one with Grace’s death, as Angelina stabs her while kidnapping Eden, and she slowly bleeds to death.

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During her last breath, Grace has one final calling. She sees a teenage Cal, who bends down and tells her that he loves her and assures her that he knows what to do. The last scene of the season finale ends with the pilot of Flight 828 calling for help, as Dr. Gupta turns around and sees it happen.

Exploring bits of the Manifest Season 4 teaser

Firstly, it’s interesting how the first part of the final season will be landing on November 4. The same day as the flight originally lands in Season one. The teaser opens with a recap of the whole series. It hints that time is running out for the characters. It shows a hot erupting volcano, hinting that something terrifying is about to happen.

As for the characters, considering the threat to Cal’s life, the death of his wife Grace, and the constant running around, Ben could come back in a different light in the finale. Meanwhile, Jared can be seen sitting with another person in the police station. When it comes to the major’s death, our guess is that it could either be Saanvi or perhaps Michaela.

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And Cal is a full-grown adult, doing adult things. This is strange because everyone else is the same age; the show has much explaining to do. All we know, for now, based on the teaser, is that the series will be banging. If you find any more clues in the teaser, let us know.

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