Making Sense of Netflix’s ‘Welcome to Eden’ Beyond Blue Athleisure, a Lethal Cult, and Escapism

Making Sense of Netflix’s ‘Welcome to Eden’ Beyond Blue Athleisure, a Lethal Cult, and Escapism

After Squid Game and the way it took the entertainment industry by a storm that no one will soon forget, we have stopped living in denial about our obsession with escapism. Recent hits like Inventing Anna and Archive 81 have only worked to harden this belief. But, the latest Netflix series that is making headlines has a lot more to offer than just escapism. So, what more is there to Netflix’s Welcome to Eden beyond blue athleisure, stunning visuals, and a lethal cult that screams escapism?

What makes the series so special?

Right off the bat, there are many things about Welcome to Eden that just make no sense. We do not know what is the deal with Blue Eden, all we’re aware of is that the drink causes hallucinations. Viewers also never get closure as to how the system works- why Astrid picks whoever she picks. Since the series references cult classics like The Hunger Games and The Truman Show, along with DiCaprio’s The Beach, will we never learn how cryptic the selection works, or will we understand the politics behind it as we did in The Hunger Games?

While Welcome to Eden is indeed very similar to its precedents. It offers escapism. The show makes a social statement. And not to mention the fact that it is visually stunning. Perhaps, the blue athleisure might not be there only for the plot, after all. But, all these characteristics are a dime a dozen. What Welcome to Eden does differently is what we refer to as the ‘2022 seasoning‘.

Welcome to Eden- as 2022 as it gets

Most would agree that we are not being generic when we say that the pandemic was a bad time for everyone. While a large chunk of the population dealt with sickness and death, the rest was stuck in their homes. Yes, it was exciting at first. All the coffee and the no-equipment workouts were but a sign of how we finally had the time to focus on ourselves in a way that we didn’t before.

But, we also had the time to slow down and focus on our mental health. And this part wasn’t all that good. Social media was our only window into the real world as the ones looking out our rooms showed no signs of humans. When the characters of Welcome to Eden yell about losing their phones, it sounds like an actual issue that we resonate with. Our dependence on our phones has always been what boomers love to call an “issue“.

The Spanish Netflix Original does not offer as much escapism as it is a portal that shows us our actual issues. For lack of a better term, a reality slap is what we prefer to call it. Was the execution not as good as it could potentially have been? We have to say that we agree here. Was the concept slightly, if not entirely, childish? We agree here as well.

But, did the series somehow manage to hit a nerve with the very relatable characters who are always on the run for escapism? The numbers speak for themselves in this case as Welcome to Eden continues to be on top of Netflix charts across the globe.

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