“The actual dress..” – Channing Tatum Can’t Stop Gushing Over Salma Hayek Showing Up in Iconic Fishnet Dress

“The actual dress..” – Channing Tatum Can’t Stop Gushing Over Salma Hayek Showing Up in Iconic Fishnet Dress

Salma Hayek made heads turn, and Channing Tatum blush when she appeared at the movie premiere of their upcoming flick, Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The Mexican starlet walked on the red carpet wearing a fishnet see-through dress that got everyone talking. The 56-year-old who was last seen alongside Al Pacino and Lady Gaga in The House of Gucci looked in great shape. 

Her co-star Tatum had a chat with Entertainment Tonight where he refused to say anything about her outfit that night. The Vow star was visibly flustered as he tried to dodge the question. Well, the Latina sure made some serious impact on poor Tatum!

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Channing Tatum lost for words when asked to describe Salam Hayek’s look on the red carpet

The star of Lost City was speechless (like the rest of us) when Hayek appeared on Wednesday’s red carpet wearing a see-through dress. “I am no comment on this situation.I have no literal comment… The actual dress comments itself,” Channing Tatum told Entertainment Tonight

The Desperado actress’s ensemble included a black fishnet dress, minimalistic golden jewellery, and golden sandals. To maintain her modesty, she wore her underwear underneath the dress. She added a dash of green to the otherwise black outfit with a green bag. The makeup was simple and her hair was tied up in a high ponytail to show off her symmetrical features.

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The actor is pairing up with the Latina beauty for the third and last installment of Magic Mike. The trailer released in October showed Tatum reprising his role and giving a lap dance to a popular socialite, Hayek. Impressed, Hayek offered him a golden opportunity to have his own show in London. 

After nearly 7 years the franchise is returning for the last time. Apparently, the Dog star was quite involved with the sequel. He bounced off the idea of a Pretty Woman reverse plot for the sequel and the makers loved it! The trailer has already sparked interest among the fans. The 42-year-old had previously confessed his crush on Salma. Not only did he enjoy the steamy scenes with his crush, but it certainly helped with the scorching on-screen chemistry.

Are you going to watch the movie on Feb 10?

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