Madonna Channels Her Inner Wednesday as She Slays on the Lady Gaga Song Bloody Mary

Madonna Channels Her Inner Wednesday as She Slays on the Lady Gaga Song Bloody Mary

Last November Jenna Ortega sent a personal invitation to viewers all over the world to channel their inner Wednesday. Inspired by her jaw-dropping performance at the Nevermore prom ball, fans started to recreate those spooky moves on social media. Creating a mix of Addams Family classics and ’80s goth nightclub moves, the young actress choreographed the sequence herself.

Although the Scream queen wasn’t much satisfied with her performance, people are literally swooning over it. The viral dance video has become a challenge on the internet and it hasn’t left celebrities out. Not long ago, we saw the versatile pop star Lady Gaga mimicking creepy dance moves. And now we have another legendary musician taking the limelight from her kitchen floor.

Madonna recreates the viral Wednesday dance sequence on Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary 

Madonna is apparently a fan of the latest Addams Family spinoff Wednesday on Netflix. Since the American singer uploaded a video of herself recreating the viral dance sequence on Feb. 1. In the TikTok clip the 64-year-old star was donning black cargo pants and a sheer corset that gave fans the perfect goth vibe.

The artist did some amazing moves on Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary, which fans have replaced with the feature song Goo Goo Muck in their TikTok choreo. The Grammy winner looked good grooving in the doorway of her kitchen.

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For most, the dance would have taken a lot of practice and time to find a black dress, dark eyeshadow, and perfect plaits. However, it was just the opposite for Jenna Ortega, who didn’t even bother about it. During her appearance on The Tonight Show, she revealed how she didn’t even practice the moves.

“‘I had not gone over it all. I was doing cello that week, fencing that week. Just didn’t have the time… Oh my God, I was kicking myself. I felt like such a fool,” explained the 20-year-old.

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The more surprising fact is that the actor is not even a dancer yet she made it so awesome. Meanwhile, if you want to take some tips about how to learn this unconventional dance, check here. And don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you liked Madonna’s take on the trendy Wednesday dance.

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