Mad Hysterical Moments From Lucifer Season 6

Mad Hysterical Moments From Lucifer Season 6

Netflix’s Lucifer: Season 6 is the last season of the show. The Devil and the detective said goodbye to fans and are moving on. After solving crimes on Earth for six years, Lucifer discovers his passion for therapy. “Tell me, what it is you truly desire?” He desired this. The most selfish soul of all being is helping others and we are proud of it.

Netflix’s Lucifer is intense and also contains a lot of humor. Here are the maddest hysterical moments of Lucifer, Season 6.

Hysterical moments from Lucifer: Season 6

The plot twist of Season 6 is Lucifer’s daughter Rory coming to Earth to question her father about his disappearance. Chloe and Lucifer solved the one last case- the murder of Lucifer Morningstar.

When Rory came unannounced to Lucifer, they went to therapy together as a family to Linda. She was shocked as she categorizes them as Future God- Lucifer himself, the Future consultant to God- Chloe, and Future child of Consultant and God- Rory, being faced by present-day parents. Things could not be any weirder for the therapist, who thought, “just when I thought I heard it all.”

Another hysterical part of season 6 was when the fans are in Lucifer’s imagination, and he categorizes Chloe, the detective, as a crime-solving machine, Ella as a doctor who only talks about ‘science’, Dan as the one who makes mistakes, and Chloe as the one who fixes his mistakes.

When Dan is not okay because he is stuck being a ghost for a long time, Maze promised to fix his problems. She claimed, “I can fix it. I am a demon, basically a walking guilt-attacker. Cheer up dude, I am gonna torture your a** right into heaven.”

Another hysterical moment of Lucifer in season 6 was when Maze got herself arrested and tried to make Amenadiel’s appearance as some ‘macho-man’ in front of his boss. Maze said, “baldy, you look strong and very ready for battle. Look like you can kick a** man, and ready for a type of battle.”

Lucifer of Netflix is an intense show, an urban American fantasy, when the Devil came to Los Angeles for fun.

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