Strange! This Javier Bardem Movie Tops Netflix Charts Long After its Release

Strange! This Javier Bardem Movie Tops Netflix Charts Long After its Release

Anime and animation are such genres that transcend all the parameters of childhood and adulthood. The cartoons as well as the animated movies and shows have something to offer to everyone irrespective of their age. And having a few of them on your streaming app collection is never a wrong decision. And it seems like Netflix understands this well. It has not only acquired but even produced a plethora of animated movies, including the likes of The Sea Beast and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

One such 2022 movie that might have gone unnoticed by a lot of Netflix geeks is strangely now making it to the top charts. And we are here to acquaint you with the same. Although you might enjoy its sketches and strokes, we must warn you, it has reptiles crawling here and there and they can even sing!

This film is mysteriously topping the Netflix charts almost 5 months after its release

The streaming numbers are speaking volumes for Netflix’s Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. The movie was released back in October 2022 and garnered a decent reception, even grossing by a positive bar of 50% more than its creation budget. However, the fun fact now is that, according to a recent FlixPatrol report, the movie topped Netflix’s charts for Monday, which is 6 February 2023. Although it went down to second place just within a day, the family reptile movie stealing the spotlight after a significant release gap is certainly an achievement for its creators and the actor Javier Bardem.

Now, if you are anticipating what is there in the movie, we are here for you. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is perhaps a perfect flick to snuggle together on the sofa with. It is a heartwarming tale of finding one’s voice, following a passion, and the power of a found family. The movie sees Bardem as a crocodile owner who wants to become a superstar someday.

Showcasing that family can come from any part of the world and that there is nothing wrong with having a big reptile with an even bigger personality, it certainly is a crocodile rock. Furthermore, it has got a 72% of the Tomatometer score and a 6.1/10 IMDb rating.

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If you have already watched the movie, do let us know your review. However, if you have not, you can always stream it on Netflix.

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