Loved ‘Aftershock’? Meet The Cast of The 2012 Disaster Thriller

Loved ‘Aftershock’? Meet The Cast of The 2012 Disaster Thriller

The Aftershock feature film of 2012 was not solely a disaster horror movie as most of us think. The age-old classic which has again come around the charts provides many unexpected moments throughout. All of it was possible because of its brilliant line of cast and directors who worked in perfect cooperation to make this a huge success. But did you know who were the cast members of the film?

Although the movie reportedly took a while to get to the main plot, it kept the suspense alive throughout. Aftershock is known as an Eli Roth movie. With all the other stars, it delightfully portrays the gruesome flick about survivors of an earthquake and the messed-up situations they encounter. Here are the other actors who took the main charge. 

The cast members of the 2012 disaster horror, Aftershock 

The Nicolas López produced movie had Eli Roth as its writer as well as one of the main cast members. Along with Roth, the traveler, the movie had Andrea Osvárt as Monica, Ariel Levy as Ariel, and Natasha Yarovenko as Irina. The above three played major roles in depicting the disaster. Other side actors who were also seemingly important to the movie were Nicolás Martinez, Lorenza Izzo as Kylie, and Marcial Tagle as the firefighter. 

The film as mentioned earlier was based on a real-life incident 8.8 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc in Chile back in 2010. Dimension Films distributed the movie and it initially received an NC-17 rating. It further was re-edited and eventually marked an R-rated movie in Hollywood. However, the critical reviews did not run along the line. 

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Rotten Tomatoes had a 36% rating on the internet while getting merely 4.8/10 by IMDb. The movie is considered to be a nightmare for the viewers and reportedly has shallow characters, it did not come as a big hit of the era. However, you are welcome to speculate. 

Have you seen the movie yet? If yes, what would be your reviews about the same? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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