Love Quinn Is Stealing Joe’s Light With These Sinister Memes as YOU Season 3 Streams on Netflix

Love Quinn Is Stealing Joe’s Light With These Sinister Memes as YOU Season 3 Streams on Netflix

The third season of YOU has been out on Netflix since the 15th of October and the internet, of course, is flooded with memes about the show. While most fans awaited the sight of their favorite stalker, Joe Goldberg, his psychotic partner, seems to be stealing the spotlight. Social media cannot seem to get enough of Love Quinn memes!

This was one of the many Love Quinn memes Netflix has shared on their official Twitter account.

The end of season 2 was not what fans expected. Like Guinevere Beck, viewers expected Love Quinn to be another one of Joe’s obsessive ventures. But little did they know.

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Love Quinn wasn’t another sweet Beck or Candace. She proved her competence with Joe by showing a rather astounding side of her character- Love was murderous too and really outdid Joe Goldberg.

While we see glimpses of it in season two, Love really outmaneuvers her past self and her husband in season three of the Netflix original series. And fans couldn’t have enjoyed this more!

Social media is absolutely flooded with Love Quinn memes. The woman is a walking set of bad, impulsive decisions and what better subject is there for a meme, really?

Here are some of our favorite Love Quinn memes:

Season 4

With Love being more iconic, disturbing, and concerning than ever in Season 3 of the Netflix Original, her death in the last episode of the season didn’t really put viewers at ease. All this was made worse by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver singing “Exile” in the background as we watch her body being gotten rid of.

There are numerous possible theories and speculations about her being brought back for season 4 of YOU.

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What is your favorite Love Quinn moment from Season 3 of YOU? Have you seen the latest season of the Netflix Original? Let us know your views.

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