‘Love Is Blind’ Vet, Shake Has a New Love Interest Post Deepti Split on the Show

‘Love Is Blind’ Vet, Shake Has a New Love Interest Post Deepti Split on the Show

Abhishek Shake Chatterjee has burned a lot of bridges on the experimental dating show, Love is Blind. On the popular Netflix show, Shake forged a bond with Deepti Vempati. Both of them made a connection because of the shared culture and having never dated an Indian before. But this experiment proved futile for both of them. They ended up splitting after a lot of drama on the show. 

However, the vet has finally found love. He took to Instagram to share a string of photos with his fans. The couple looks happy in the photos. Shake captioned the photos: “Good things come to those who w̶a̶i̶t̶ don’t settle ❤️.”

In conversation with People, Shake said, “Right now, I’m self-focused. It’s interesting though because when you become self-focused, it’s also when you start getting the most attention. When you prioritize yourself — I think that’s the best relationship advice I could give somebody, honestly.”

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Who is Deepti from Love is Blind dating? 

The 31-year-old Deepti Vempati was shocked after she heard all the things Shake had said behind her back. Shake had mentioned repeatedly that he doesn’t feel any animalistic attraction to her. He demeaned her looks and even called her an aunty. On the wedding day, Deepti ended up choosing herself and leaving Shake. Their courting ended there. Shake, however, did apologize to Deepti for his insulting remarks.

At the Love is Blind reunion, Kyle Abrams confessed his biggest regret was not asking out Deepti. These two were seen interacting in Kyle’s viral TikTok video. With Shake moving on to find love, Deepti is also “figuring it out” with Kyle. She has neither confirmed nor denied the dating rumors. Instead, she chose to be vague about it. Although we mostly saw Shake and Deepti’s interaction on the dating show, the latter disclosed that she shared a strong bond with Kyle. In the pods, Deepti had struggled to choose between the two. 

Both seasons of Love is Blind currently streaming on Netflix.

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