‘Love Is Blind: Japan’ – Everything You Need to Know, From Cast to Set

‘Love Is Blind: Japan’ – Everything You Need to Know, From Cast to Set

The reality television series of Netflix, Love is Blind is now heading across the ocean for the new bunch of single men and women who are looking for love in an unorthodox way. This time, however, we will see love blossom in Japan. As we witnessed in the previous series, Love Is Blind: Japan will feature a bunch of single people be part of a social experiment to find love. The participants will be alone in their pods and connect with their partners through communication using technology. At the end of the show, they will come face to face finally. They can then decide whether they want to move forward or want to end the relationship.

Here’s everything you need to about Love is Blind: Japan.

Love is Blind: Japan release date

Netflix’s unscripted series, Love is Blind, has reached across the ocean to Japan. The plot of the Japanese series will be as same its United States counterpart. Single men and women will hope to find their soulmates without ever seeing them. It might be unconventional for modern-day youngsters, but if two people are compatible in communication, looks don’t always matter.

The reality show will be streaming on Netflix globally on February 8th, 2022.

How many episodes will be there in Netflix’s Love is Blind: Japan?

The reality television show will have three parts with a total of 11 episodes. On February 8th, 2022, episodes 1 to 5 will premiere globally on Netflix, followed by episodes 6 to 9 on February 15th, and finally, episodes 10 and 11 on February 22nd.

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Love is Blind: Japan cast

Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya will host the show and navigate the participants. Rest of the cast members is still not confirmed by Netflix.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the producer of the show, Chris Coelen, explains that the casting department only finds those “people who they felt would be genuinely interested in this kind of commitment.” The crew also picks participants from specific cities, so the relationship and the connection can last instead of creating long-distance relationships.

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