‘Love In The Villa’: From Sudden Break Up To Trip To Verona, Netflix’s New Rom Com Will Make You Plan a Vacation!

‘Love In The Villa’: From Sudden Break Up To Trip To Verona, Netflix’s New Rom Com Will Make You Plan a Vacation!

The meet-cutes, destiny, glimmering eyes, electrifying connection, and confession of love are the heart of every rom-com. If put in the right frame this heartwarming genre can make fans swoon. Netflix’s new romance drama Love in the Villa arrived on Thursday and has the same cliché story but with amazing elements that will leave you rolling with laughter.

Love in the Villa has Kat Graham and Tom Hopper in the story of a heartbroken girl who ventures to Italy to discover her destinated love. This movie has all the classic ingredients of hate to love relationship. However, their ways of rivalry will make you fall in love with the characters in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Keep reading to know what unique this drama has to give you in the most uncertain ways.

Love in the Villa has the best comical elements as the characters go crazy

Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the movie follows the life of Julie Hutton. After a sudden breakup before her lovely getaway, Julie decides to recharge herself and go alone. She has been planning this trip to Verona for years but things start getting messier when she gets there.

It is revealed that her stay has been double booked and now she has to share it with Charlie Fletcher, the obnoxious yet hot man who has been visiting the city for the last six years and living in the same villa. Despite the mixed reviews Love in the Villa has received, it is trending on the Top 10 list on Netflix.

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The owner gives them the advice to trust their destiny and enjoy their time. However, Julie tries to push Charlie out with her maddening plan. We see her leaving cats on his bed and his allergy pops up all over his body.

On the other hand, Charlie who is equally stubborn and cynical as her takes revenge on her in the most hilarious way. Their fighting scenes are most amiable as they go crazy like small kids and laugh at each other’s failure. For instance, Charlie is hanging on the balcony and Julie reports him to the police for breaking into her villa.

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Eventually, after spending these little moments together they become close and fall in love with each together. The story has the right amount of sparking romance and moments of laughter that rom-com fans would love to watch. It is light-hearted and heartwarming when Julie feels the waves of true love gazing at Juliet’s balcony.

Do you wish to visit the legendary streets of Romeo and Juliet story? Go watch Love in the Villa and experience all the beautiful sentiments surrounded by love and destiny.

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