‘Lou’ Ending Explained: Was Lou Alive or Was She One of The Characters Who Bit The Dust?

‘Lou’ Ending Explained: Was Lou Alive or Was She One of The Characters Who Bit The Dust?

Lou on Netflix is a mid-80s brutal violent journey that tests human limits and exposes shocking secrets from their pasts. The main protagonist, Allison Janney’s Lou, is the grumpy old forest woman who often keeps to herself but later gets into a troublesome errand of protecting her family from her son. The movie dropped on Netflix the day before yesterday, and fans showed their love for their frontwoman, but it still has some unanswered questions lurking around it.

Wondering what happened at the end? Is Lou alive? What exactly happened after Phillips rigged the lighthouse? Here are the answers to all the questions you are looking for.

The course of events that took place at the end of Lou on Netflix

The fight scene, jam-packed with many action sequences, throws light on Philip’s evil plans. The CIA agent turned all rogue and just wanted his family together, even if it was through death. Hence, he faked his death to trick Lou into giving up protecting Hanna and her granddaughter.

Something similar according to the plan, and the disturbed son used it as a ploy to kill the mother along with his own wife and daughter. However, following the heavy showdown at the movie’s climax, Lou finds the detonated explosives and manages to turn them off. Therefore, when Phillip hits the button, nothing happens.

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This scene is followed by yet another and the most important confrontation between the son and the mother. As soon as Phillip stabs his mother, he falls to take the bullets from the helicopter, and both of them sink deep into the water, giving a brief indication that they are dead.

Is Lou Alive?

However, Lou is, fortunately, alive towards the end. This can be confirmed since the movie’s final shot shows Hannah and Vee together while Lou keeps an eye on them from a distance via binoculars. Hence, evidently, Lou somehow managed the confrontation while Phillips sank into the ocean, seemingly dead.

The word is that there is going to be a sequel following it. However, no official confirmation has come so far. Overall, Lou provides a good chase scenario filled with obstacles and peril for the characters. The environment was formidable and daunting, which created the perfect setting for the story.

Have you watched it yet? If not, you can stream the movie available exclusively on Netflix.


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