Looking at the BIGGEST Plot Holes That Ozark Series Finale Will Need to Have Answers For

Looking at the BIGGEST Plot Holes That Ozark Series Finale Will Need to Have Answers For

Over the course of 34 episodes divided into 4 seasons, Ozark has picked up many plot lines. While some of them are the central themes like that of Ruth and her father, others are small plot lines. These definitely add to the intrigue and depth of the show. In fact, it is through these small acts and characters that we see what our main characters are capable of and how far would they go if push came to shove.

However, a lot of these brief plots are picked up and after a brief conclusion, we do not see them again. More often than not, they do require an explanation that we do not get. Now that we are approaching the end of the series with part 2 of season 4 coming out on April 29 on Netflix, here are all the plotlines we are expecting or hoping, would be picked up and given an epilogue of, before we finally bid goodbye to the Byrde family.

The timeline of events in Ozark

We certainly do know that it has definitely been a long while since the Byrdes moved to the Ozarks. The family managed to work their way through an extramarital affair, moved to the Ozarks, essentially erased the Langmores, found new business ventures, found other illegal business ventures, and we still saw them having slow moments of reconsidering their choices. Hence, we might know that it certainly has been a while. But, there is no indefinite timeline that was given to us.

What happened to Rachel Garrison?

While we certainly enjoy details and little plot lines, the one frustrating thing is that sometimes these characters just disappear. Not only are they never seen again, but they aren’t ever brought up either. One such character from Ozark is Rachel Garrison.

What happened to Wendy and Gary’s tape?

The Netflix series begins with Marty watching his wife cheating on him with Gary. While we know that the couple has taken time to move past the event, it would still require acknowledgment at the series finale for fans to know that the characters have moved past the incident instead of it being never brought up again.

Will we finally know the meaning behind Ozark’s cryptic opening credits symbols?

While the Netflix Original has some very intriguing opening credits, they aren’t always clear. Sometimes, we see a gun and know that we’re to expect violence. Other times, the creators add foreshadowing as they did with the crucifix and the church scene.

Nonetheless, most of these symbols remain unclear to many. We definitely want to know more about them, perhaps from the creators or Netflix instead of the show itself.

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Ozark season 4 part 2 will be streaming on Netflix on April 29, 2022.

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