‘Look Both Ways’ Actor Lili Reinheart Reveals That She Is Lebron James of Being..

‘Look Both Ways’ Actor Lili Reinheart Reveals That She Is Lebron James of Being..

Lili Reinhart’s feel-good movie, Look Both Ways, is bringing a smile to viewers’ faces. The rom-com twisted things up with a multiverse approach to its storytelling. Since it’s no Marvel, no celestial beings are threatening to wipe off the heroes and the population. It’s a more grounded drama about life and its possibilities. Now the stars of the series appear on The Netflix Cookie Jar, where they get to answer some really interesting questions! 

Look Both Ways lead Lili Reinhart surprises Danny Ramirez with her answer 

During the segment, David Corenswet asked a rather odd question from the Netflix cookie jar. Talking about how the actress grew up in Cleveland, where LeBron James played for the Cavaliers from 2003 to 2010 and again from 2014 to 2015, David suddenly asked Lili about her LeBron James moment. After a little thought, Lili answered, giggling that she’s the LeBron James of being blunt. It surprised Danny Ramirez, as she always came off as very sweet and graceful. Even the characters she has played on screen are goody two shoes. 

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Flabbergasted, Danny confessed, “I was not expecting that one.” To which Lili replied, “I will tell it like it is.” But interestingly, the actress sucked at sports in school. Her dad mostly coached their basketball and soccer teams and always encouraged her despite her lack of talent in sports. 

During the fun segment, the actress also revealed how most people liken her to Brittany Murphy. And Danny chose Johnny Depp as his doppelganger, which David was very quick to dismiss. David also provided some laughs with his goat call! 

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Look Both Ways follows Lili’s Natalie, who gets a pregnancy scare on the night of graduation after she hooks up with her friend. From this point, we follow two separate timelines in which Natalie goes to Los Angeles and pursues, and in another, she sacrifices her dreams and moves back to her hometown and chFilm’smotherhood. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix!


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