“Look at this fake s***”: Ryan Reynolds Breaks ‘Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place’ Plaque While Inspecting It

“Look at this fake s***”: Ryan Reynolds Breaks ‘Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place’ Plaque While Inspecting It

Ryan Reynolds has once managed to grab all the headlines with his newly released documentary Welcome to Wrexham. The show basically revolves around the two Hollywood actors and close friends, Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they recall their journey of buying the Wrexham Association Football Club.

The eight-episode series will see Ryan Reynolds and his partner going around the oldest club in Wales, Wrexham to give insights to the viewers on what prompted them to buy a football team. Both the stars have relatively less knowledge about the subject, but their love for football forced them to develop a young team. Meanwhile, the Wednesday episode of the series has caused a stir on social media as Ryan and Rob took a stall around the 20th Century Fox Studio.

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Ryan Reynolds is not happy with the Fox Studio 

While walking around the vicinity, Reynolds and McElhenney happened to pass through Soundstage 20. The place brought a plethora of memories for the Hollywood actor as this was where he shot his 1998 sitcom, Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. While introducing Rob to the place, Ryan Reynolds took pride in showcasing a plaque that had the names of all the shows and movies filmed there

Though the plaque appeared to be made of bronze or steel, it was just plastic. The revelation of the same by Rob frustrated Ryan. “So you look at this, and you think, ‘Wow, that’s, like, a beautiful piece of, like, steel or bronze. It’s patina-ing.’ It’s plastic,” McElhenney said as quoted by Yahoo

To confirm the suspicion, Ryan started a thorough inspection of the plaque. McElhenney’s stance turned out to be true as Reynolds managed to break a piece of the plastic. The incident angered the Deadpool actor, and he made sure to take a sarcastic jibe over it. 

“Look at this fake s***, I mean, how much does it cost to put a real [plaque]? I feel so much less special. Thank you for that ice-cold bucket of humility,” Ryan Reynolds asserted. 

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