Long Before Black Adam’s Release, Henry Cavill as Superman Confronted Dwayne Johnson in His New DC Character

Long Before Black Adam’s Release, Henry Cavill as Superman Confronted Dwayne Johnson in His New DC Character

Henry Cavill is the Superman that DC will not be able to replace for a long time. Apart from the gazillion fans that have been standing beside the actor like a rock, The Rock himself is rooting for Cavill’s future in the DC extended universe. And after years of knocking on office doors, Dwayne Johnson and, of course, fans’ support allowed Cavill in a Superman costume in Black Adam. The biggest question to DC’s antihero movie before the release was whether it would have Henry Cavill in it. Fans wanted a faceoff between Black Adam and Superman.

If you have been a DC fanatic, then you must know that Black Adam’s strength is always compared to that of Superman. So it would not make sense for Superman to not appear in the movie revolving around Black Adam. And when they finally saw Cavill in his costume on the big screen after stepping into the theaters on the 20th of October, they were relieved, as if a long-awaited prayer had been answered. And looking at a fanart by rahalarts on Instagram, seems like it was a long-awaited prayer answer indeed.

Black Adam was not the first time Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson faced off

The most exciting moment in the anti-hero movie was no doubt when Black Adam and Superman fight it out. Furthermore, the fact that Cavill will be a part of Black Adam was never officially announced. The scenes where the actor is included were shot just months before the release.

And we only got to know how Dwayne Johnson vouched for The Witcher actor only after the release. But long before we saw Henry Cavill as Superman facing Black Adam, this fanart had already imagined it.

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An artist on Instagram made a fanart in 2021 of what he finds the most exciting duel.

The fanart had more dark shades to it, signaling that the actor got his inspiration from Zack Snyder’s take. And while there had been no confirmation of Cavill’s return, just like many DC fans, rahalarts also could not imagine a Superman that was not Henry Cavill. And apart from giving fans an exciting battle to look forward to, his post was also among many who were asking for a Henry Cavill return.

Who do you think is going to win in Superman vs Black Adam? Let us know in the comments below.

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