Lizzo Retaliate Over Kanye West’s Comment About Her Body, Says “I feel like everybody in America got my m***********g name..”

Lizzo Retaliate Over Kanye West’s Comment About Her Body, Says “I feel like everybody in America got my m***********g name..”

Waking up every morning and finding Kanye West in the headlines has quite become common these days. The legendary rapper and fashion designer is also the king of controversies who likes to share everything on social media whether it’s his views on something or his beef with someone. Even if the consequence of it is getting locked out of his accounts.

Just like he recently posted screenshots of his chat with Tremaine Emory on Instagram. Or when he spoke about issues of parenting with Kim Kardashian in an interview. But it seems that Ye is in no mood to stop as he once again trolled a female singer. However, this time he certainly has a tough contender to face as Lizzo knows how to retaliate over West’s comment about her body.

Lizzo responded to the comment made by Kanye West about her body

Lizzo reacted with a striking remark to Kanye West who recently commented on her body structure. The Grammy-winner singer has responded like a truly confident woman for she is a queen. As we have seen the 34-year-old rapper looks stunning in whatever outfit she wears.

During the Toronto show, Lizzo made it evident that her voice possesses as much power as her songs. She addressed the audience about the body shaming that Kanye West made on her in an interview. Although she did not mention it to Ye explicitly she stood proudly against people questioning her choice of life.

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“I feel like everybody in America got my m***********g name in their m***********g mouth for no m***********g reason,” stated the Hustlers star. Moreover, the singer added, “I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business.”

For people who do not know the whole story, it all started with the Yeezy owner who talked about obesity being promoted in his conversation with Tucker Carlson. The Donda 2 singer attacked Lizzo saying that being overweight is unhealthy when people are taking it in a positive light. “When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, the bots … on Instagram,” said Kanye West.

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Meanwhile, he also mentioned his ex-wife in the interview and commented on her dressing style. What do you think about Kanye West stepped into controversies? Why did he say this to Lizzo? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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