“Living the dream” – How Billie Eilish Changed a Buckingham-Based Voice Coach’s Life Forever

“Living the dream” – How Billie Eilish Changed a Buckingham-Based Voice Coach’s Life Forever

In this world of technology, all one needs is talent and viral content. Once your content goes viral, your life is changed forever. Recently, an incident about the same came to light where a voice coach’s TikTok video singing a song by Billie Eilish went viral and it changed his life forever. Eilish is known for her kindness toward her fans. This time, because of her sweet gesture, a man’s life has taken a complete turn. But how did it happen?

Sheridan Coldstream was a teacher at Stowe School. He lives in Little Tingewick with his wife Deborah, who is a drama teacher at Stowe. Not only a teacher, but he also described himself as a vocal and confidence coach. Let us find out how this hidden artist became an internet star.

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Billie Eilish changed the life of a voice coach

TikTok is a complex yet entertaining space. Someone as elder as Coldstream would find it a little intriguing space. However, the vocal coach tried to use the platform to share his work with his students. He posted a clip of the young singer-songwriter’s song, Listen Before I Go. Coldstream got a surprise when Billie Eilish posted a video of herself singing along with him. It made an incredible rise in Coldstream’s following count. He became an internet star because of this surprising gesture by the American singer.

As the video went viral, even the BBC took note of it and interviewed the new star. In his BCC interview, Coldstream expressed his happiness over this unbelievable act of the Happier Than Ever singer. He said it was unexpected, as he never thought the clip would go viral. Surprisingly, the former teacher has coached many students for television shows like The Voice and X Factor. And now, after this spiraled video, he is a part of another secret TV show with many project requests pending to be approved by him.

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As he revealed his enthusiasm for the upcoming projects, he said at 58, when he thought everything was going quiet, it became crazy again. “It’s really exciting at 58 to be ‘living the dream’,” said Coldstream. While appreciating all the opportunities, the coach wanted to stay grounded in his studio, Little Tingewick.

While we’re waiting to see how his life would turn around, tell us what you think about this sensation. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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