“Little Girls Dream Of Becoming Princess”- Long Before Becoming a Royal Member, Meghan Markle Had Already Taken a Swipe at Her Rival, Kate Middleton

“Little Girls Dream Of Becoming Princess”- Long Before Becoming a Royal Member, Meghan Markle Had Already Taken a Swipe at Her Rival, Kate Middleton

No matter how hard the Royal Family has tried to keep it under the cover, The Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton feud is not unknown to anyone. The rivalry between the two royal members first caught the flames at the 2018 royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duchess and the Princess of Wales had a minute disagreement over wedding dresses and things just got worse forever hence. But did you know, Meghan Markle already had beef with Kate Middleton even before they barely knew each other? 

The former American actress used to pour her heart out on various topics on her personal website, The Tig which no longer exists. The website housed countless works and thoughts of the then-actress and basically showcased the type of person she is. Surprisingly, one of her old archives was targeted at the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. 

Meghan Markle once commented about Prince William and Kate Middleton 

The world rejoiced in a grand celebration as Prince William and Kate Middleton tied their knot at Westminster Abbey in 2011. However, not many were happy about it, including the now Duchess, Meghan Markle or so reported The Mirror. Back in the day, the former actress witnessed the two taking their wedding vows and shared her two cents on the same. She took to her website to share that Kate Middleton apparently harbored a childhood fantasy to get married to a Prince. 

Distinguishing herself from the same, she wrote that it was not what she dreamt of when she was in her younger years. “Little girls  dream of being Princesses.” As for her part, she was all about She-Ra, the Princess of Power. Markle basically called out Kate Middleton for getting married to the Prince of the UK without exploring further in her life. She also made it clear that getting tied up in the limbs by all the royal rules was not something she would sign up for. 

Were Markle and Middleton ever on the same page? 

Further giving her audience the context of She-Ra, Markle then explained how she is the twin sister of He-Man and a sword-wielding rebel known for her strength.We are definitely not talking about Cinderella here,” Markle wrote further. According to her, some grown women have unfortunately retained this childhood fantasy.Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate,” reads her archive. 

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Undoubtedly the characteristics run parallel to that of Meghan Markle’s own personality. Nonetheless given the striking difference between hers and Middleton’s personality the two never really ran lines along with each other. 

What is your take on the matter? Do you agree with Meghan Markle? Tell us more in the comments below. 

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