LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER! Kim Kardashian Turned Her Daughter North Into a Mini-Kim in a Fun Makeover Session

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER! Kim Kardashian Turned Her Daughter North Into a Mini-Kim in a Fun Makeover Session

Any daughter would love to look like her mother at some point. This bond between a mother and daughter is beautifully strange. Recently, TikTok witnessed the rocking mother-daughter duo slaying the platform with their amazing bond. It was Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North, who won hearts with their fun and cute makeover session that turned North into a mini-Kim.

After her divorce from the American rapper, Ye, the SKIMS founder, has been spending time with her children and growing in her professional life. While the mother has often surprised her fans by posting various pictures of her with her kids on her social media handles. This time, fans were stunned to see the transformation of North in their recent TikTok video, reported by Daily Mail.

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Kim Kardashian turns North into mini-Kim with a beautiful makeover

The mother of four children loves styling and dressing up. It seems the eldest child of Kardashian is just like her mother. In the middle of their regular day, the 42-year-old actress had a fun session with her daughter. She gave North West a beautiful makeover and tied her hair into a ponytail with a style. Starting with a hairbrush and spray, the mother of North perfectly executed the makeover.

A glimpse of her mother reflected in the newly styled hairstyle of North. Often people have seen Kim Kardashian in a slick ponytail with glamorous clothes. And with a makeover session, she changed the look of her daughter and made her look like her. The mother-daughter duo seemed to have fun during the session as they continuously giggled through the video. However, the cutest moment was when she completed the makeover. North looked absolutely stunning.

Cuteness was overloading as baby North wore a gray oversized t-shirt that had a picture of Aaliyah on the front. Although North appeared in the video with her hair down, it seemed freshly washed. However, soon, her mother turned them into a beautiful hairstyle. The SKIMS owner used the spray and gel as well to make it more subtle. And then to smoothen the loose hair on her head, the 9-year-old used another product.

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Although it seemed the kid had already put on makeup on her eyes. But, as soon as her makeover was done, the mother-daughter duo was thrilled to see the outcome.

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