“Like a Flu, but in your pants”: Ryan Reynolds and Kaitlin Olson Hilariously Joke About Rob McElhenney in a Spot

“Like a Flu, but in your pants”: Ryan Reynolds and Kaitlin Olson Hilariously Joke About Rob McElhenney in a Spot

You can always count on Ryan Reynolds for a laugh riot, whether it’s his movies, tweets, or interviews. He even has a special knack for cracking jokes at the expense of others, just enough to get them riled up but never so far as to get him in trouble. Reynolds walks the line precisely and brilliantly.

Recently, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and Ryan’s business partner, Rob McElhenney, was the subject of a classic Ryan Reynolds prank. The Red Notice star partnered up with Kaitlin Olson, Actor, improv artist, and McElhenney’s better half, and ganged up on Rob. Let’s see how the events transpired.

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Ryan Reynolds and Kaitlin Olson poke fun at Rob McElhenny

In a talk show hosted by Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds revealed that he recently shot a few ad spots with Kaitlin Olson. Calling her a “comedic sniper,” Reynolds then showcased the ad films in the studio. McElhenney, who was completely oblivious to the subject matter of the spots, was in for a treat/horror.

It was a series of spots advocating the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men over 40. On the face of it, it seemed like a completely harmless, in fact, educational film creating awareness about the stigmatized issue. The only catch? Kaitlin and Reynolds cast a Rob McElhenney look alike, donning his signature baseball cap as the guy suffering from ED.

The spots cover four different scenarios, each emphasizing the fact that Kaitlin’s partner, the McElhenney impersonator, has ED and should get it checked out and treated. All the ads are absolutely hysterical, and we can hear the audience erupt with laughter. The aftermath, however, is a long and awkward pause between the two business partners, resulting in a further uproar. It was probably McElhenney rethinking Welcome to Wrexham.

Reynolds finally breaks the silence by saying, “It’s really, you know, it’s quite common for men over 40,” matter-of-factly. If that wasn’t enough, he stretches it further by saying, “It’s sort of like a flu. But in your pants.” As much as we want to feel sorry for Rob McElhenney, Ryan’s comic timing has blown us away.

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What did you think of the spot? Let us know in the comments. We, for one, cannot wait for Ryan Reynolds to take up a new project. Till then, we are stuck watching The Adam Project again and again.

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