‘Life After Death’: Why Is the ‘Hollywood Medium’, Tyler Henry, Always Scribbling?

‘Life After Death’: Why Is the ‘Hollywood Medium’, Tyler Henry, Always Scribbling?

Millions of fans tuned in to Netflix’s Life After Death to watch the Hollywood Medium host give his readings to countless people. While the show does have a touch of the supernatural, what had the viewers scratching their heads was the medium’s constant doodling. 

But why does he scribble? Does that make it easier for him to connect to the spirits? Tyler had a habit of doodling back in high school. And one day, while he was scribbling in his notepad, he started feeling things.

I would sit and scribble and scribble and scribble. One day I was doodling and started feeling things. So I started implementing them more into readings. When I’m connecting, I really liken myself to that of a canvas. And the person that comes through paints the picture,” he explained on the show.

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It’s the repetitive aspect of doodling that helps him to make contact

It is the repetitive scribbling that helped him feel all the things. In a way, it was like unlocking his skills to give readings

You actually see that in a lot of other aspects of theology. Most spiritualities or religions have some aspect of repetition that allows people to open up or connect,” he added. 

The young medium had no idea that it was going to be something crucial in his career. 

He always used drawing and painting as a way to relax or meditate. But never thought the scribbling he did during his classes would end up being an integral part of his career.

He further explained that when he is making a connection, he experiences physical sensations like a strong smell. Sometimes, he gets visuals, almost like a memory. But the memory isn’t his. 

Tyler Henry communicates with spirits from the other side on Life After Death 

The young medium has a roster of celebrity clients on his list, from Megan Fox to Jim Parsons. But in Life After Death, the medium takes to the streets of America to give readings to 30000 people who have been on his waiting list forever. A celebrity in his own right, Tyler previously starred in E! Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Apart from using his skills to talk to the spirits, Tyler also unearthed some family secrets during the journey.


Life After Death with Tyler Henry is currently streaming on Netflix.

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