“Let Me Cook”- Fans Want The Deep from ‘The Boys’ Into THIS DCU Character

“Let Me Cook”- Fans Want The Deep from ‘The Boys’ Into THIS DCU Character

It seems like fans have had enough of the razor-sharp, ultra-gory, and abominably black comedy and they now want The Boys’ rusty superheroes to become the mighty ones in DCU. There is one condition though, there has to be one exception: These must not become jaded like their prey from Eric Kripke’s recreation of Ennis and Robertson’s vision.

The entire world is well aware of the fact that The Boys is a group of heroic people who are on a quest to expose the dirty truths of superheroes who abuse their power. Furthermore, over a period of three seasons, this raw and intelligent take on the genre also saw the talents of the likes of Chace Crawford ( as The Deep, jaded superhero who would abuse women), Antony Starr, and Erin Moriarty. It seems like Twitteratis are so much in love with the actors that they now ship them as DC superheroes. And their choices are rather cool.

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Twitterati wants The Boys actor to play the coolest DCU superheroes in history

It has been almost seven months since the third season of Amazon Prime’s gothic comedy hit the streaming platform. And while we do not have any news about the fourth season, it seems like fans already have a new role for actor Chace Crawford, and he is no one normal. He is Booster Gold! The James Gunn-led superhero universe recently released its slates of films and drama and reports suggest that Booster Gold is finally making his small-scale debut on HBO.

As soon as fans learned that their particular dream was coming true, they started fan-casting various actors. In the queue came an interesting fan casting where they want The Lord of The Seven Seas (an Ironic name, indeed) to play the superhero from the future. He perhaps is a perfect fit. However, it is just a wish and there is no confirmation from Gunn. Notably, the Twitter user also suggested a few other actors of his choice in the thread.

Regardless of fan casting, we will have to wait to see whom DCU will cast for this role. Which one of them would you want to see as Booster Gold? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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