Laverne Cox From Inventing Anna Talks About Kacy Duke, Her Role on the Show and More

Laverne Cox From Inventing Anna Talks About Kacy Duke, Her Role on the Show and More

Inventing Anna is now streaming on Netflix worldwide and we seriously just can’t have enough of this scammer story. While the show is getting both good and critical attention from everyone, it is also the cast members who are getting some quality limelight to talk about their experiences. In one such conversation, Inventing Anna actress Laverne Cox sat down with Jessica Radloff of Glamour opened up about how it was to work on the show.

Here we will look at some of the amazing answers that Cox has for us. Spoiler Alert: She did actually meet the real Kacy Duke while preparing for the role.

Laverne Cox of Inventing Anna answers questions from Jessica Radloff

Jessica asked Laverne about how familiar she was with the entire story of Anna Delvey, and here’s what she said: “I’d seen the news reports about this fake heiress or whatever. I saw that she was in court, and it seemed like a strange story. I was aware of the story peripherally, but I didn’t follow it closely. Then the offer to play Kacy came. I started reading the New York magazine article and was like, “Oh my God, this is crazy.” I did as much research on Kacy as I could.

Talking about her meeting with the real Kacy Duke, Jessica told Glamour, “I was scared, because I’m playing this woman, and is she okay with it? I heard that she was…. I think she approved. I don’t know if that’s exactly correct, but I heard she was excited. When I met her, she was very excited about me playing her, which is really humbling. You just want to do a good job, and she’s really an incredible human being. She trained me.

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Cox on her understanding of Kacy Duke

When asked about why she thinks Kacy was friends with Anna, she said, “She saw so much potential in Anna. She loved that she was ambitious and wanted to start this foundation. She loved that she just didn’t want to be a trust fund baby or be an Instagram model and that she had these aspirations. She wanted to be of service to her and help her. There’s a part of me that is very much like that. I want to be of service in the world, and Kacy is so purely this person who wants to be of service. I think that is so amazing.

Talking about her experience of working with Shonda Rhimes, she said, “Yes. It’s an honor. It really is. I mean, just to be working with the very, very best. I’ve been blessed. I’ve worked with some amazing people, but Shonda is special. She’s an incredible woman. She’s a Black woman who has created a space for herself in this industry that is unparalleled and unprecedented. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning, and I mean, Scandal, don’t even get me started. To be working with Katie Lowes as well is insane. All of Shonda’s shows have been so amazing and then the impact that she has beyond the work and how she uses the work too. She’s someone to study.”

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