Laugh With Princess! Kate Middleton Cracked Jokes During Her Windsor Meet for Some Giggles

Laugh With Princess! Kate Middleton Cracked Jokes During Her Windsor Meet for Some Giggles

Lately, the Royal debate is focused too much on what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have said about Kate Middleton and how the Princess of Whales feels about it. The Princess of Wales has instead taken this moment of unabashed attention owing to the ‘baby brain’ statements made by Prince Harry to let the world know about another baby brain. Middleton’s passion for her project overpowered the political tussling that was carried outside Windsor Castle as she greeted the newly formed advisory council for Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Moreover, the Princess of Wales laid the foundations for this project back in 2018 with Maternal Mental Health Alliance which was targeted towards providing mental support to mothers in early motherhood. Being a mother of three in the glaring spotlight, she was emotionally attached to the project. Middleton is taking a step further in the right direction as she continues towards enhancing fruitful childhood development and mental health in Britain.

Kate Middleton starts of a monumental project on a good joke

The eight-member council consists of brilliant names such as that Professor Peter Fonagy OBE, who is the head of the psychology and language department at UCL, and Amanda Berry, Chief Executive of The Royal Foundation, among others. The council was greeted by a cheery Princess Kate. Detecting the stiff air around them, the Princess not only greeted them with a warm smile but also cracked a silly joke that loosened up everyone’s nerves according to Express.

Middleton said, “Thank you for coming on a cold sunny morning.” And the council members couldn’t help but cackle. It was smart of the Princess of Wales to start off with a good old weather joke because the issue they aim to tackle is certainly not one.

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The council aims to advise Middleton on her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which she launched in 2021. They will help her in fetching out the best results from her interest in early childhood development.

Middleton believes that “if we are going to create a healthier and happier society for future generations, we must start by understanding and acknowledging the unique importance of the first five years of life,” as reported by The Telegraph in 2022. Her objective is to take make sure that people find out the importance of the “baby brain.”

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