Knife’s Edge or Typical Teenage Transformation! Are Rumors of Millie Bobby Brown Undergoing Plastic Surgery True?

Knife’s Edge or Typical Teenage Transformation! Are Rumors of Millie Bobby Brown Undergoing Plastic Surgery True?

Ever since her 2013 debut as young Alice in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Millie Bobby Brown has been in front of the camera. From age nine, the audience has literally seen the British actress double in age right in front of their eyes. It is still hard to believe that the 10-year-old telekinetic teen from Stranger Things is now a gorgeous star of legal age. But is this transformation au naturale or did Brown go through plastic surgery?

Recently, there is a lot of chatter on the internet speculating that Millie Bobby Brown has been under the knife. However, is it all hearsay or is there some truth to these rumors?

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Did Millie Bobby Brown undergo plastic surgery?

There is no denying the Stranger Things actress has, in fact, transformed from an adorable kid to a beautiful woman. While many around the world find her stunning metamorphosis awe-inspiring, a few people suspect a facade. They believe that the young actress opted for cosmetic and surgical procedures to alter her appearance. From a nose job to chin augmentation to Botox, there is conjecture that the actress underwent multiple surgeries.

However, do you think plastic surgery is the only explanation for a change in looks? There are more than enough routines and tutorials online that show seemingly unreal modifications. With just makeup products and blending techniques, people can achieve stark differences in their appearance. Consequently, Brown has her own brand called Florence by Mills. She often even put out her own makeup rituals for her fans.

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Additionally, it is very common for young adults to go through physical changes as they go through puberty. These can include sleeker jawlines, higher cheekbones, and even a slight change in the nose’s shape. A verified YouTube account called Barrett Plastic Surgery even put out a YouTube Short giving their opinions on the Enola Holmes star’s transformation.

Considering Millie Bobby Brown neither confirmed nor denied the plastic surgery speculations, the reports are still unproven. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can watch all four seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix and see the entire cast grow up right before your eyes.

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