Kit Conner and Joe Locke Share Their Favourite ‘Heartstopper’ Scene to Film – Could You Guess?

Kit Conner and Joe Locke Share Their Favourite ‘Heartstopper’ Scene to Film – Could You Guess?

Heartstopper had to be in the pop-culture talks because of the freshness its cast and the topic brings. The fact that it was made so beautifully also added to its attraction. Heartstopper was adapted from Alice Oseman’s graphic novel of the same name. This book was seemingly making people cry and blush about teen love, and adapting it into a series couldn’t have been a better decision. Fans are crazy about it. The much-needed LGBTQ+ inclusive coming of age show was much needed after the topic was mildly covered by shows like Sex Education and Sense 8.

Heartstopper stars play a quiz about their favorite scenes to film

Heartstopper and its famous cast are constantly in the media, for the fans love seeing their every detail, and sometimes just their cute faces are enough. In a recent Pop Sugar quiz with Joe Locke and Kit Connor that was held on Twitter, #PSPopQuiz, they were asked, “What was your favorite #Heartstopper scene to film? Tell us what was so special about it?” To which Locke replied, “That’s like choosing my favorite child… but probably scene with Charlie and Tori at the start of ep 8, I just love @JennyWalserxx ” Here’s the scene Joe is talking about.

It’s a powerful scene of confession, guilt, and sorrow.

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Connor also chose a scene from the same episode. He said, “Gotta be the scene on the bench with Tao in episode 8. Reason: Who doesn’t love Will Gao?”  Here’s the scene he is referring to.

Similar to Charlie, even Nick has his own confession scene where the viewers find out about his true feelings, its a scene full of honesty and is relieving to see them vent things that had been bottled up throughout the series as both the scenes are from the last episode called “Boyfriend”.

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Fans can’t seem to get enough of the couples from the show. Be it Nick and Charlie themselves, Tara and Darcy, or Elle and Tao, nobody is getting any less attention and rightly so, they’re adorable. They’re also encouraging and supporting so many like them. In one such incident, a girl came out to their parents after seeing a particular scene from the Heartstopper which is to live for!

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