King Charles’ Wife to Upgrade From ‘Queen Consort’ to ‘the Queen’ Following His Coronation

King Charles’ Wife to Upgrade From ‘Queen Consort’ to ‘the Queen’ Following His Coronation

The Coronation is getting interesting by the minute. With the ongoing tensions with the Sussexes, UK’s royal family has further caused a stir in the media with some of its latest developments regarding the coronation. Overshadowing previous conflicts, King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, have decided to take some major decisions for their future, breaking away from the Palace norms. 

It is usually the tradition of the UK Monarchy that the spouse of the current monarch is always referred to as the title having the term consort attached to it. However, it seems like Buckingham Palace has decided to go past it. 

Queen Consort Camilla to drop the Consort from her name

As reported by the Daily Mail, “There is a view in the Palace that Queen Consort is cumbersome…” Hence, it might happen so at the right time, that Camilla will just be known as the Queen and not the Queen Consort as is the protocol. Things around the same became further interesting when the King’s wife recently updated her Reading Room charity’s name. 

Going from the Duchess of Cornwell’s Reading Room, it will now be called as the Queen’s Reading Room having dropped the ‘consort’. In fact, other legitimate media houses and publications like The Times and The Telegraph have already dropped the Consort while referring to Her Majesty, using the Queen instead. 

Queen Camilla’s title transition over the years 

Sources have it that upon King Charles’ marriage to Queen Camilla, the Palace assured Britain that she would never be regarded as the Queen. This was owing to the Kingdom’s unshakable dedication to King Charles’s first wife, The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. It was thus decided that Camilla will forever be Princess Consort and not the Queen.

Nonetheless, it was her late Queen Elizabeth II who expressed her desire to address Camilla as the Queen Consort. On her 70th anniversary of accession to the throne, she spoke of her daughter-in-law’s loyal service and ended previous speculations, calling her the Queen Consort. 

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The palace has now stepped on further, citing previous examples of how Prince Phillip was also the Prince Consort. However, he was never called anything as such. It was always just Prince Phillip. Looks like the monarchy is pressing on something similar when it comes to King Charles’ wife in the coronation. 

Do you think Camilla should be addressed as the Queen instead of Queen Consort? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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