King Charles Preps up Coronation Arrangements By Leaps and Bounds, makes THESE Massive Changes in the Palace

King Charles Preps up Coronation Arrangements By Leaps and Bounds, makes THESE Massive Changes in the Palace

Regardless of everything that is happening around the globe, the United Kingdom is currently busy with its full-fledged preparations for King Charles III’s coronation. Amidst the Royal fallout between the Windsors and the Sussexes, the Monarch is trying his best to get things together. However, things are nowhere near a truce. Prince William and Prince Harry are far away from settling their disputes, and it has eventually started to affect certain key decisions. 

Nonetheless, King Charles has strived forward to make the necessary changes in Buckingham to get things in order. After the Queen’s sad demise, her eldest is pressing hard on adapting as the new Monarch. His latest alterations in the Kingdom were changing the Royal cipher, visible through the new appearances on banknotes and stamps. Adding more to it, the King has now turned his attention to the digital side of things, starting with his official website

King Charles opts for a major improv in the Social media handles of the Royal Family 

Eager fans did not miss the chance to notice the sudden changes seen in the social media handles of the Royal Family. His latest mention to the New Zealanders had striking changes made to the algorithm of the post. The statements were no longer made in the usual Royal blue palette. The post was clean and white like that of the Royal Family’s official website. 

What caught the attention of the followers was the blueprint of the monarch’s royal coat of arms featured in the white backdrop of the post. The same also seemed to be the hot topic on Twitter where Royal Experts and bloggers have kept their opinions on the table. Fans have also reacted expressing their surprise on the social media platform. And from their reactions, it seems they are liking the new design for a change

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Have you taken a look at the latest changes made to the Instagram posts of the Royal Family? How did you like it? Let us know how it sets apart King Charles from his mother in the comments below

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