Kenan Thompson Unveils the Secret Dating Strategy of Pete Davidson- “He’s Just A…”

Kenan Thompson Unveils the Secret Dating Strategy of Pete Davidson- “He’s Just A…”

Given the effectively growing mountain of beautiful females that Pete Davidson has dated and is dating, it is very easy to forget who he is as a person. The prior statement may not be accurate because everyone is trying to solve the quad(cupid)radic question of what is the root cause behind Hollywood’s most beautiful women falling for him. And who better to find out from than his co-stars at Saturday Night Live, aka the show that brought him unprecedented fame and half of the guests from his star-studded love life?

And as the stand-up comic is currently making headlines by dating THE Emily Ratajkowski, it is the perfect time to find out what his SNL co-star, Kenan Thompson, thinks is Davison’s secret dating weapon.

The secret dating weapon of Pete Davidson as per Kenan Thomson

From his improper posture to his unacceptable spikey hairstyle, Davidson has a lot of attributes that do not sit on any page of the preconceived notion of what society thinks is a “wanted bachelor”. Moreover, his dating history list is almost identical to what many would make when listing down the hottest women in Hollywood.

However, it is not the traumatic yet horrifyingly hilarious jokes about his father passing away in the 9/11 catastrophe and also being the youngest to join everyone’s favorite sketch comedy show, SNL, but it is actually his dating history that makes him a hot topic of discussion.

A 29-year-old man with a good sense of humor dating women who want to date him could definitely prove to be more lethal than a Nazi-loving man running for President. Therefore, a hoard of curious men is heavily invested in Pet Davidson and his secret dating weapon.

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And Kenan Thompson has just contributed to this critical research. “He’s a sweet young man,” told Thompson first to E! News. He further added that “I don’t think he’s out to harm a piece of cotton.”

But the question is, what if even Thomspon is infected with the Pete Davison charm that Emily Ratajkowski and Chloe Fineman talked about? Given the years they have worked together, it is highly likely. Therefore, the quest as to what is the secret dating weapon that Pete Davidson is using is still ongoing. In the meantime, check out his Netflix show Pete Davidson: Alive from New York and discover the Pete charm yourself.

What do you think is his secret dating weapon? Let us know in the comments below.

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