KDramas are Becoming the Soul of Netflix as Their Innocence is Taking Over Viewers’ Hearts Globally

KDramas are Becoming the Soul of Netflix as Their Innocence is Taking Over Viewers’ Hearts Globally

Are you watching too much of Kdramas on Netflix? Well, this is what most subscribers are doing for some time now. Because the Korean industry has taken a sudden rise in the last few years. Even though they come with subtitles, fans still love watching them. The love is obvious in the way shows like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Crash Landing On You, Alchemy of Soul, and Business Proposal are constantly trending.

Not to forget, Squid Game was that wave of success that renowned Korean culture all over the world. The show broke all the viewership records, grabbing the attention of viewers for its intriguing plotline. And if we look back, one would find several reasons why Kdramas are becoming the soul of Netflix because of their innocence that is taking over the hearts of fans overseas.

Kdramas are becoming the talk of the town, garnering ardent viewers on Netflix

Netflix reached Korea in 2016, exploring different genres, from romance to detective. In 2018, they began their first original show “Mr. Sunshine”. The historical drama of 24 episodes enamored the audience of South Korea, raking in 4.1 million paid subscribers by 2020.

After seeing the enormous attention shows received, the streamer produced 15 original shows and movies in 2021. Currently, Netflix is set to release 25 originals and it seems that it will transcend last year’s budget. Although it’s not just the new content, they have brought many classic series on the platform, including Inheritors, Coffee Prince, The Empress Ki, and Boys Over Flowers, among others.

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Moreover shows like Kingdom and Sweet Home introduced the world to the gothic side of Korean series. This incorporated Korean zombies, monsters, and dark fantasies that people never experienced before. On the other hand, Crashing Landing on You brought the theme of love and friendship, making it one of the top shows on Netflix for several weeks.

Factors that contribute to the success of the Korean world

Firstly, what attracted the viewers most to Korean shows is the naïve and innocent representation. The freshness of first love makes fans swoon like the first kiss or fear of touching a lover’s hands. These pure emotions are now preferred by people over the American depiction of open sexuality. Moreover, these shows have fantastic cinematography and beautiful landscape that enchant the eyes of fans.

Secondly, the cost of production plays a crucial role because Korean content is created at a lower cost. And finally, the authentic acting and visible chemistry between characters is something that became the triumph key. Seeing the buzz this international industry has created overseas, one can imagine the success it will bring streamers in the future. This explains why not just Netflix but other streamers are taking up the Hallyu wave.

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What do you think about the legacy Kdramas are creating? Which show is your all-time favorite? Share your views with us in the comment box.

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