Kate Middleton Who Is Known for Reusing Wardrobe Was Seen Rewearing Her Gold Earrings

Kate Middleton Who Is Known for Reusing Wardrobe Was Seen Rewearing Her Gold Earrings

Kate Middleton knows how to dress classy without breaking the bank. Just like the other Royals, the Duchess also wears designer or high-end clothing but has gained a good name for reusing some of her classic pieces. Now, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Middleton and Prince William have taken up senior roles, and during an event attended by her, the thrifty side of the Princess of Wales shone.

Their increased roles mean that the Prince and Princess of Wales make a lot of public appearances, having to dress perfectly for every occasion. While there are some celebrities that take pride in never wearing the same clothes again, the 41-year-old takes pride in reusing her best pieces and dressing them in unique ways each time. And a recent event was a testament to that.

How Kate Middleton reused her classic and edgy gold earrings

Kate Middleton is more than royalty; she is a fashion icon promoting sustainability. She is known for reusing several of her clothes and accessories over the years, and she did the same at a recent event. As per Express, the Duchess recently reused her 18-carat gold plated earrings at an event.

She was at the launch event of her new year’s ‘Shaping Us’ campaign in the East of London. Her earrings, called Alia, belong to the Spells of Love brand and have been designed by Welsh designer Hayley Jones. She previously wore the pair in 2020 while visiting Wales with Prince William. Back then, she matched it with a floral dress, while this time they dazzled with a teal blouse.

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The jewelry brand’s website captions the piece as a mix of a feminine bohemian look with modern trends which focus on ethnic and sustainable production. The brand takes pride in selling them off in biodegradable and plastic-free packaging.

The Princess promotes sustainable fashion at Shaping Us campaign

Middleton went to the event to speak with the children about St John’s Church of England School. Her aim is to create awareness about early childhood development before the age of five. The Princess believes that early childhood determines what one becomes in adulthood. She launched the initiative as part of the 2021 Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. During a recent Windsor meet for the same, Middleton lightened the mood with a weather joke.

Throughout the years, she has not only been captured reusing accessories but also clothes. She has previously reused her lilac Alexander McQueen gown, a bow tie Zara dress, a teal Emilia Wickstead dress, and one of her most worn Penelope Chilvers tassel boots. Beulah, Reiss, and Zara are known to be some of her favorite brands.

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