Kate Middleton Was Forced To Do THIS on A Rare Whim of King Charles and Camilla

Kate Middleton Was Forced To Do THIS on A Rare Whim of King Charles and Camilla

Being a part of the Royal Family is never easy. Along with the fame and popularity, there comes a huge deal of responsibilities and duties that members have got to adhere to. Ever since their members step into the Imperial Family, compromises are endless. May it be the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, or the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton herself, everyone had had to give up something. 

For Meghan Markle, it was her career that went at stake. The former American actress had to give up on her acting career since as a Royal Member, they only work for the Crown. However, struggles with the Duchess never ceased. The Princess of Wales on the other hand had to abide by something more bizarre that was not even a rule. She had to do it completely on the whim of her father and mother-in-law, Charles and Camilla. 

Charles and Camilla forced Kate Middleton to change her name

According to the Hindustan Times, the then Prince Charles and his mistress-turned-princess Camilla had demanded newlywed Catherine change her name. The reason could not have been any stranger. According to the senior members, the Palace already had plenty of family members named with the alphabet ‘C’. Hence, she was forced to change her name from Catherine to Kate at the request of her husband, the Prince of Wales, William. 

The above was brought to light in Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. The Duke writes about the struggles and pains of the women married into the institution and how they have given up something as their name to some out-of-the-box wishes.It could also cause confusion with respect to the ciphers- the personal monogram of a member of the royal family,” writes Prince Harry. 

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton did everything she could to keep the family together. It is also mentioned that the Princess also changed her looks according to the monarchy to exist peacefully with her beloved husband. The Duke also mentioned how Charles loves and admires Kate Middleton a lot as she always sticks to what is said. For example, keeping her hair down and minimal make-up, some of Kate Middleton’s classic styles were actually preferred by Charles and Camilla themselves. 

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What do you think of the strange rule of the Palace that members of the Royal Family have to abide by? Let us know in the comments below. 

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