Kate Middleton Stuns Crowd With Her Affordable and Adorable BAFTA Outfit

Kate Middleton Stuns Crowd With Her Affordable and Adorable BAFTA Outfit

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and Prince William, made their big return to BAFTA this year. Unsurprisingly, all eyes were on the couple as they walked the red carpet hand in hand, basking in each other’s glory. The royal couple’s attendance at the award show was highly anticipated for more reasons than one. However, the icing on the cake has always been Kate Middleton’s stunning outfits.

The Princess of Wales is the flag-bearer of an exorbitant style and she often earns a clap for her choice of outfits. The 41-year-old is a pro at using minimalist hues to highlight her natural features. And the BAFTA 2023 was no different. However, Middleton’s outfit choice did manage to leave everyone speechless.

Kate Middleton gracefully wears a repeat outfit at BAFTA 2023

Kate Middleton’s outfit caught every eye in the room, not only because of its fine texture or how beautiful it was paired with gold floral earrings of $17.99, the pride of Zara. Well, that too. But also the fact that it was the same outfit that Middleton had worn for the BAFTAs in 2019.

In a day and age where celebrities are horrified at repeating an outfit even to the airport, the Princess of Wales repeated her 2019 BAFTA award outfit. But who wouldn’t? The off-white Alexander McQueen dress with an almost Bardot neckline is a sight to behold. And Kate Middleton probably could not have had enough of it in one night.

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This time around, she wore shoulder-length opera gloves in the color black. Her husband, Prince William, wore a similar velvet tuxedo to match with his maid’s gloves.

BAFTA 2019 vs BAFTA 2023: Who got the best-dressed Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton arriving at the BAFTAs has always proven to be the highlight of the red carpet. Middleton took the self-love mantra of comparing yourself to none but your past version a little too seriously, as she now stands as a competitor to herself in 2019. Middleton of the past year accentuated the beautiful one-shoulder cut of the McQueen dress by putting her hair in a bun.

Whereas she opted for her classic wavy hair for BAFTA 2023. While it is hard to fetch out a winner given, the outfits are the same, the $17.99 Zara earrings are a total steal. The Princess’ this year’s outfit is a lesson in affordable fashion if you find yourself a replica of McQueen’s off-white dress for a cheaper price.

When do you think she wore it better? 2019 or 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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