Kate Middleton Pushes Boundaries With a ‘top-tyer’ Stunt at Landau Forte College to Honor Polar Explorer

Kate Middleton Pushes Boundaries With a ‘top-tyer’ Stunt at Landau Forte College to Honor Polar Explorer

Kate Middleton has become the patron of the most important charities and philanthropic works affiliated with the royal family. Ever since she stepped in as Prince William’s wife in 2011, the Princess of Wales has been vested with some of the prime duties of the sovereign. Most of them have now started to prepare the Princess to become the next Queen in succession. Time and again, the mother of three has always proved herself before the public’s eyes. 

She did so once again on her recent visit to a special occasion. With her ongoing Shaping Us campaign launch that has already caught millions of followers, the Princess paid a wholesome visit to Landau Forte College in Derby. The activities she took part in were as noble as the cause for which she attended the event. Onlookers were left stunned to witness their favorite royal member go all candid despite the stringent Royal protocols. 

Princess Kate Middleton pulls a 20kg tyre to inspire young minds 

Kate Middleton made herself home at native in Derby as she met a special acquaintance. It was the Army Caption, Preet Chandi, 34 who has reportedly ventured out 900+ miles in the last 70 days in the bitter cold of Antarctica. As reported by The Sun, it was the longest solo polar expedition covered by anyone to this date. Kate Middleton is basically the patron of the journey. 

She hence paid her heartwarming credits to her friend by taking part in a resistance training that everyone like Preet Chandi has to go through. In the course of the same, the Princess was seen pulling a 20kg tyre chain by her waist in front of the gathering to instill the hard work and dedication that her polar explorer friend has to go through. Inspiring many minds present at the event, Kate Middleton was in her highest spirits as she prepared for a lugging kit and supplies in a 120 kg sled. 

She also addressed the students of the college and made them realize what an inspiration Preet Chandi is for all of them. Talking of mental well-being amongst the pupils, she further encouraged the young minds to work hard to build a similar resilience within themselves. 

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