Kate Middleton Left THIS Oscar-winning Actress Awestruck With her ‘magnificent’ Dedication To UK Monarchy

Kate Middleton Left THIS Oscar-winning Actress Awestruck With her ‘magnificent’ Dedication To UK Monarchy

Being the Princess of Wales does not come easy. Everyone who has served in that position in the Royal Family has had a tremendous amount of dedication and selflessness to give in. After the late Queen Elizabeth II and the struggles of Princess Diana as the world knows it, Kate Middleton is now currently rendering her duties the same. Undoubtedly, William’s wife must have turned her entire life into a service forever, or so says an Oscar-winning Hollywood bigwig. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales have attended hundreds of royal visits in the past decade. In the course of their transition from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to overtaking Wales, William and Kate have left their mark in every commonwealth nation they have been into. As a result, their popularity is unquestionable. There have been occasions where the Royal Family has rubbed shoulders with various A-listers of Hollywood.

Reese Witherspoon was all taken away by Kate Middleton 

The fans never stop singing praises of their new-age favorite Royals. Likewise, some bigwigs of the industry also take a bow before the same. For instance, the Oscar title holder Reese Witherspoon. The actor is also known for being a renowned author of the era. In her 2018 autobiography named Whiskey in a Teacup, the star mentions her encounter with the glam of Britain’s Royalty, Kate Middleton. “I am so in awe…” wrote Witherspoon speaking of Middleton’s dedication to her family. 

To choose to be under public scrutiny every moment… her entire life is in service forever,” the star wrote as she could not stop gushing about the Princess. The actress and the then-Duchess crossed paths at an event in Los Angeles in 2011. Resse Witherspoon was enthralled as she mentions she took hours to get ready for the meet. “She is just as magnificent as she seems to be,” she further wrote. 

Princess Kate and her priorities are always set right. Nothing comes in the way as even King Charles also considers her to be a valuable “asset” to the Royals. The Queen in waiting has already proved herself worthy enough of the crown.

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    January 15, 2023 at 10:44 am

    Kate is a wonderful person to everyone he people love her and William because they are serious about the monarchy and family William is very lucky to have a wife as smart beautiful and respect her husband may God keep them safe and don’t allowed anyone to destroy what they have what ever Harry wrote in the book is pure envy

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