Kate Middleton’s Latest Royal Ensemble Is a Tribute to Princess Diana

Kate Middleton’s Latest Royal Ensemble Is a Tribute to Princess Diana

Kate Middleton and her royal wears mostly have a deep-seated meaning attached to the history of the royal family. Starting from her subtle tributes to the elders of the House of Windsors, to her major throwbacks and royal rewears, the Princess of Wales always makes it to the top headlines of the day. Her latest public appearance was no exception. In fact, it gave major Princess Diana vibes who has served as a legit fashion icon for generations to come. 

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Princess Diana never shied away from breaking the bars with her iconic trendsetting outfits. Even after her tragic death, her unshakable might and legacy are carried forward by her daughters-in-law. Mostly, the present Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. 

Credits: Imago

As reported by Vogue Magazine, Kate Middleton recently appeared with her husband, William the Prince of Wales at the Wales vs. England Six Nations rugby match. The royal couple met the top-tier players at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. The Princess wore an astonishing red and white houndstooth coat specially designed by Catherine Walker. 

What caught the eyes of the onlookers was not the glamorous coat worn by Prince William’s wife but the major Princess Diana vibes it radiated among the UK subjects. No sooner did she appear in the jacket to showcase critical support to both teams, than the media knew it was a throwback to one of Princess Diana’s iconic dresses. 

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What was the specialty of the dress combination chosen by Kate Middleton? 

Back in 1990, when Princess Diana was still alive and serving her UK Sovereigns, she appeared in an exactly similar suit with the same patterns of red and white. It was reportedly a Moschino skirt suit that she wore to Princess Eugenie’s christening as a child. The former Princess of Wales had styled it beautifully with a complimentary knee-length skirt and gorgeous hat. 

What made it one of Princess Diana’s bold choices? Like many of her masterpieces, this too was one of Princess Diana’s top 10 bold moves to showcase her resistance to the royal protocols. Back then, the Italian fashion brand, Moschino was a critical choice for royal women owing to its edgy designs. Nonetheless, Kate Middleton, as usual, played it safe with proper Palace-befitting necessities accompanying the suit. 

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