Kate Middleton Indirectly Takes a Jibe at Prince Harry With Her $1100 Worth Necklace

Kate Middleton Indirectly Takes a Jibe at Prince Harry With Her $1100 Worth Necklace

Kate Middleton is looking forward to positivity and success amidst the drama. Prince Harry has left a lot of Britishers and the Royal family shocked with his brutal revelations in the memoir Spare. The younger Prince, who once shared a close relationship with both Prince William and his wife, did not mince words while calling them out for their wrongdoings. 

It all began with his marriage to Suits actress Meghan Markle. After disagreements with both the media and the family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex famously left the UK to begin their own lives as normal people in the USA. Now, with the royal’s book Spare making rounds in the headlines, Kate Middleton is reportedly taking indirect jabs at her brother-in-law in her own way.

How is Kate Middleton taking a subtle jab at Prince Harry?

It is no secret that Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has caused hurt to the Royals. While he went through a lot as a child, both he and Prince William shared a close relationship. The split began after his marriage to Meghan Markle, which also soured his relations with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who was once close to him. Recently, the Princess of Wales took a silent jab at her brother-in-law. His memoir has a lot of negatives to say about her and his family. In return, Middleton was seen wearing a $1,100 Gold Citrine Baby Treasure Necklace by Daniella Draper.

The brand describes the necklace as, “citrine assists in manifesting your biggest dreams, bringing in more success & prosperity.” It is speculated that with her pendent, Kate Middleton has given a message of looking at the positives and not the negatives in the new year. 

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Meanwhile, she matched the necklace with Mini Cupid Hook Earrings of the same brand. The designer seems to be one of her favorites, as she has several pieces from the collection. As for the controversy, she has so far kept silent on the claims made by Markle and Prince Harry. However, as per the royal expert, the future queen consort is extremely hurt and outraged by the defaming revelations made against her.

It is to be seen if the royals actually come together again after all the drama. Do you want the family to reunite? Comment your thoughts.

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