Karen Gillan in THIS ‘The Bubble’ Scene Was All of Us During the Lockdown

Karen Gillan in THIS ‘The Bubble’ Scene Was All of Us During the Lockdown

The pandemic was a challenging and testing time for all of us, some more than the others. But it was the few moments in global history when the whole of humankind had a shared experience. And Judd Apatow decided to make a film about it. The Bubble tells the story of a group of actors trying to make a film during a pandemic. During the shooting, they needed to quarantine. And we do not know about you, but we all related to the quarantine sequence hard.

Karen Gillan’s quarantine scene in The Bubble

In the film, after one of the actors is infected with the virus, the whole crew is asked to quarantine in separate hotel rooms for two weeks.

We follow Karen Gillan’s character Carol Cobb‘s isolation in the hotel room. The isolation starts off perfectly, as anyone can imagine. Carol is given a huge room all by herself, and she makes the most use of the room and the room service. She exercises and orders all sorts of things.

To enjoy her time, she even watches a couple of old classic rom-com, including the hit Love Actually.  But things start taking a turn for the worse as time goes on.

Quickly, the fun rom-com turns into an R-rated action film, and her diet has been substituted by jellos in alcohol. (weird, right?) And after a certain amount of time, she just yells, “This is too much for anyone to take!” 

Carol just spirals into madness after this point. Even the action films are turned into videos of random screaming voices of babies and goats. Finally, when the quarantine is over, she is completely drained from the experience and doesn’t even celebrate.

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Watch the scene full of an emotional rollercoaster here:

Other movies for you to watch from the actress

Karen Gillan has had a busy and successful career before her time as Nebula, and she continues to work on noteworthy projects outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gillan has proven to reviewers that she is much more than the MCU’s Nebula in smaller independent films and other large blockbusters.

Here are some of the other films by the actress in case you are isolating Call Of The Wild, Spies In Disguise, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle The Big Short.

Let us know how your quarantine experience was and did you relate to Carol in The Bubble streaming on Netflix.

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