Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers Still in Demand Despite Adidas Breakoff

Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers Still in Demand Despite Adidas Breakoff

Kanye West reached his peak as a Hollywood elite through his deal with Adidas. The rapper who found himself in debt that surpassed millions decided to put his trust in designing genius, and the product was a sneaker brand that would become the identity card for anything high fashion. However, 2022 saw Kanye West like never before. The rapper went from hate speech against his ex-wife’s boyfriend to hate speech against Jews that ultimately ended with him losing every major banner that was behind him, including Adidas.

The Adidas and Kanye West Yeezy deal was a blockbuster if finance had ever seen one. Not only did the rapper had ownership of his brand, but Adidas swiftly left competitors like Nike behind. This explains why it was the last one to back off. However, it seems like it will also be the first one to swing back in.

Will Adidas take Kanye West back?

Ye opted to choose the road often taken in asking Kim Kardashian to come back. While Kim Kardashian reportedly has no lingering feelings, another major brand who has a long history with Ye does. Much like Kardashian’s brand SKIMS, it too was at its peak with Kanye West’s genius. Only difference being the rapper was SKIMS “ghost creative director” and for Adidas he is a partner with 100% ownership of his designs. Designs which even after the antisemitic tweets and contract termination are in high demand. “Demand for Yeezys has surged 30% since last October-November,” according to John Mocadlo, CEO of Impossible Kicks as reported by CNN.

Ye may not have succeeded in getting back with his ex-wife, but he has always been confident about Adidas. His confident ‘I can say anti-Semitic things, and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what?’ rings loud, especially now.

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While the brand has not announced anything about its plan to win Ye back, Adidas’ CEO did mention a loss ranging from $750 million to $1.3 billion loss due to unsold Yeezys.

Why does Yeezys popularity surpass that of the rapper?

Kanye West is an individual who has garnered a massive fanbase through his music and also his usage of the freedom of speech clause. The rapper has the most dramatic dip and rise in popularity charts all year round. However, his antisemitic tweets were not taken lightly and as brand after brand withdrew its name from under the rapper’s belt, the hope for a rise in popularity charts was buried deeper.

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On the contrary, Yeezy, despite the glory and grandeur that it has brought to its owner, is a sneaker brand. It is noted among high fashion accessories and word around town is that they are very comfortable. Moreover, it isn’t often that you remember the name of the man who designed your shoe.

Do you think that it will be possible for Yeezys to survive without being branded as Kanye West’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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