Kanye West’s Notorious ‘White Lives Matter’ Slogan Is Worth 1 Billion Dollars

Kanye West’s Notorious ‘White Lives Matter’ Slogan Is Worth 1 Billion Dollars

The phrase ‘White Lives Matter’ is synonymous to hate speech. Which is why ever since Kanye West held a “secret catwalk” as several models sported ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt, things have only been going downhill for the rapper. The phrase originated as a direct racist opposition to the Black Lives Matter moment that had garnered mass attention ever since the tragic death of George Floyd.

Ever since the controversial ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt, the rapper has openly emerged as anti-Semitic and racist, leading to his ban on social media platforms. Adding salt to the fresh wound are old clips of Ye claiming that slavery was a hoax. But did you know that two Black radio hosts that speak on racial justice used the ‘White Lives Matter’ slogan?

Who are the real owners of the ‘White Lives Matter’ trademark?

Long before Ye had the slogan printed out on T-shirts, which then went to orphanages and shelters around Los Angeles, Kanye West had planned on selling them. Unsurprisingly, people did not praise him for the act and he dropped this business plan just like GAP and Adidas dropped him. Ye actually purchased the trademark from Rames Ja and Quinton Ward. The duo runs a radio show named Civic Cipher that gives input on bettering the lives of the black community.

Ja and Ward started the radio show after they were told that at their previous work space that they don’t want a “black show.” Therefore, when they started on their own, a listener gifted them the “White Lives Matter” trademark.

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And they used it to bring attention to the difficulties faced by the black communities and had no plans of selling it. However, when urged to put a price on it, Rames Ja jokingly said a massive number, not actually believing anyone would pay the price. But Kanye West did.

How much did Kanye West buy the ‘White Lives Matter’ logo for?

Ye purchased the logo by paying a whopping 1 Billion dollars. The original owners only aimed at serving those in the black and brown communities who needed help with the money they would receive. Therefore, when Ye offered the ridiculous price for the trademark, despite not aiming at selling it, the hosts weighed the amount of people that they could help with the money as opposed to the harm, and decided to sell it.

During their interview with Deborah D.Douglas, Ward and Ja opened up about the bias people had against them when they sold the trademark. However, according to them, the White Lives Matter phrase was only a way for them to bring more people to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ discussion.

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