Kanye West Once Wanted Stephen Curry to Team Up and Leave Under Armour Behind

Kanye West Once Wanted Stephen Curry to Team Up and Leave Under Armour Behind

Kanye West once asked Stephen Curry to make a bold move. The artist who is currently facing a comprehensive ban due to anti-semitic comments was also a cash cow for brands. In fact, he was known for his creative mind and brand name, more than his music. People would queue up outside stores to purchase his latest line of products.

Fashion or sports brands signing sports players has been a common practice. Ye is one of the few nonsports people who made brands billions in profit. During his peak in the brand game, he wanted Stephen Curry to join him along and do this.

How Kanye West wanted Stephen Curry to launch his own unique style

Kanye West has been a Stephen Curry fan for a long. The artist once wanted the NBA player to join him on Adidas. The Gold Digger singer made million for himself and the brand when he joined Adidas for his Yeezy collection back in 2015. He wanted Curry to add to it, and release his own signature Yeezy- like shoes.

But Curry was already signed with the sports brand Under Armour. Neither the brand nor the player was as competitive as Adidas before that. In fact, Nike did not consider Curry to be a big enough star to be the face of their brand. Meanwhile, Under Armour put their trust in young Curry, which led him to stay loyal to the brand.

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The point guard began gaining fame in 2015, and the brand eventually launched shoes after him. In fact, the brand is looking to lock him with them for life. The price? One billion dollars. One deal that could turn the player into a billionaire. On the other hand, Kanye West lost his billionaire status due to self-inflicted harm through offensive social media posts.

Despite being a money magnet, German company Adidas found themselves with no option but to ditch Ye for his attack on the Jewish community. Balenciaga followed that trend, while West had already parted ways with GAP. Within a span of days, the celebrity found himself struggling. Safe to say, Stephen Curry made the right decision by not ditching Under Armour.

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