What Can Adidas Do About the Billions of Yeezys Pilling Up in China?

What Can Adidas Do About the Billions of Yeezys Pilling Up in China?

Following the anti-semitic remarks, several brands cut ties with Kanye West, including the German brand Adidas. Although Adidas took the decision in response to Ye’s hate speech, it is Adidas that is facing the consequence of ending the partnership. Its revenue has taken quite a hit since the end of the deal.

The brand reportedly faces a dip in its China market and $6 billion overstocking issues, most of which are supposedly unsold Yeezy stock!

Adidas is facing a mountain of unsold inventory. Since the brand took the Yeezy products off the shelves after the termination, a lot of Yeezy products continue to occupy the inventory shelves. The brand ordered more production in response to the supply-chain turmoil that was plaguing the industry at large. However, the brand’s current CEO, Bjorn Gulden, plans to order 800 million items instead of 1 million this year. Additionally, he is also considering donating the products to a good cause.

Secondly, the chief executive is also looking to recapture the China market, which was once a key market for the brand. Adidas lost a share of China’s market since it boycotted the country in 2021 over cotton manufacturing in Xinjiang. To make matters worse, Covid-19 further crippled the market. Gulden’s new strategy involves emulating local brands and having a flexible business model.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kanye West was responsible for 8% of the brand’s revenue. Following Ye’s exit, the company’s net profit decreased by 83%. Growth stagnated in the fourth quarter and the company reported a loss of €482 million. Its shares are also trading low at about 2.4%. The final blow came when the dividend was slashed by 80%. Is the company planning to bring back Ye to gain back the numbers it lost?

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Kanye West is past, Adidas plans to pursue partnership deals with other celebs?

Despite the alarming losses, the company is unwilling to open the doors to welcome Ye back. Although the partnership was unique and beneficial for both parties, Gulden thinks Adidas needs a new face. According to him, the brand can collaborate with icons like Beyonce or even Pharrell Williams. 

The partnership deal also cost Ye his billionaire tag. But he is certainly doing well since he continues to have a worth of $400 million.

Do you think Adidas can bounce back from this steep decline without Kanye?


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    Columbia Reynolds
    March 9, 2023 at 12:42 pm

    Yes! Absolutely!! Use another famous face. Call Shakira:talented, young, beautiful and the greatest Latina singer in the world. And awesome legs to show your great sports shoes!!! West is old and people are tired of the same man’s face!!!

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